Which is better? A Lancashire Heeler dog or bitch?

Views certainly vary on this and it seems to come down to personal experience and preference.  Lancashire Heelers have unique characters, one of the breed's most endearing qualities is just how different each Heeler's personality is and so it makes this question one of the most difficult to answer.  The main consideration for you is that a bitch will have a season for you to cope with every 6-9 months, a dog will have 'wanderlust' whenever a bitch in the near vicinity has a season!  It, therefore comes down to which you prefer to cope with.  Of course if not breeding / showing spaying and neutering, once your dog is fully grown, will mitigate these issues. 

The following are a few quotes from Lancashire Heeler owners / breeders with experience in this area:

Our first two Heelers were dogs and we now have a beautiful bitch, Rosie, and so far can see no difference!

Personally, if I wasn’t into breeding, I would have dogs not bitches, but that is just my personal opinion

I’ve got three bitches and one dog. The three bitches are all entirely different in personality and perhaps more hormonal then my dog. He seems happy go lucky and very affectionate however my real cuddle bunny is my youngest bitch. All three have been trained in obedience and other disciplines but the one who wants to work unstintingly until he drops is my dog.

I have two girls, I hate the ‘b’ word! They are complete opposites in every way. Lola is extremely loving but also doesn’t like to do as she’s told. She steals socks and other small things and parades around like she’s so very clever! Rosy is a tiny dog with a lot of love but she doesn’t want anyone but me. She’s very well behaved when it suits!

My last heeler was a girl! She was loving and very tolerant, very very loving and totally docile- lazy tbh! I have another female now, Ruby,if I was expecting a similar dog I would have been wrong- they could not be more different!! Ruby is a wild child, runs wild but very obedient( when she wants) we couldn’t ask for a more loving dog but she is vocal and shouts at everyone!! They have both proved to be very intelligent and loyal! Very different but both amazing, just in different ways! I would always go for a girl in all my pets, just a personal preference!

Dogs will work for you and bitches always expect a reward (food) ?

We have one of each. Rex is totally laid back and loving and tries his best to please us. Lizzy is the total opposite (A well used phrase in our house is “their not called bitches for nothing”). Having said that she is so loving and totally mad but in a very good way.

I don't have much experience with bitches. I have had dogs from the beginning and would actually always prefer a dog before a bitch. I feel that dogs are more owner focused and cuddly while bitches rather tend to do their thing ?

I've had both. At the moment I have 3 boys and I bitch, they are all different, bitches do tend to rule the roost and can be Diva ish all my present boys are very laid back but so much of it is in the breeding.

Males have always seemed more laid back to me, a bit more Tim Tim Nice But Dim in the best of ways ? They can be crazy but I've never found them to think much through, they don't plot... As much.
Bitches can live up to the name, they definitely plot, and often make sure the boys know they're in charge. BUT I adore them, they're hilarious and the Yin to the boys Yang.
I would go for either, their personalities will outshine their sex.


on 26 November 2018