Sukelyas Lancashire Heelers

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Sukelyas Lancashire Heelers

Sukelyas Lancashire Heelers

The start

My wife Trudi Willems initiated in 1998 our adventure with the Lancashire Heeler. She wanted a small dog in addition to our kuvaszes. Although she opted for a Havanese, we settled the deal with a Heeler. Trudi went to Crufts, fell in love and returned with Marple (Foxthyme Miss Marpeline). When she arrived with Marple at Schiphol Airport, I was Marple's second victim... and she made a lot more.

marple 2002

The first litter

We were so enthusiastic that we wanted a second Heeler bitch, which however became Foxthyme Captain Hastings, a dog. One and one is two, so we bred the first Heeler litter ever in the Netherlands in 2000. Sukelyas Bangle was the first puppy to be born and stayed at our place.

Hastings kleinbangle june 2013

In the meantime, we started to promote the breed and to campaign for recognition of the breed in the Netherlands. Our activities were however severely frustrated by the fact that Marple was diagnosed with PLL grade 0. However, our enthusiasm and love for the breed never disappeared. We imported Geena (McHeel's Geena-D), but we never got the opportunity to breed with her because of Trudi's illness.


A new generation

But with Trudi's gradual improvement, we dared to import another bitch, Abby (Marmalade's Dutch Diva). We also joined some people who again were going to try to get the breed recognized. The introduction of Abby to our pack went smoothly and with the recognition of the breed, Abby became our first showdog (handler Wendy Annijas). As we appeared to be able to handle new dogs, our pack was enlarged with Lynne (Bellsmond Kindred Spirit in 2011) and Cilla (Marmalade's Lydia Black in 2013).


At the moment Wendy only shows Lynne, Geena or Cilla. Bangle is as Veteran Champion, EVW11, VW12 retired, as is Abby as Dutch Champion and double Winner.


After several attempts we were able to mate Abby in 2013. Just before this mating, Lynne was mated, so we had two (king size) litters (5 puppies from Abby and 8 from Lynne) in october 2013.

Our values in breeding are health and temperament. We have experienced several health problems in our dogs ourselves and our primary goal in breeding is to avoid these genetic problems. We can never be sure about health but the least we can do is try to do things right. The same is true for temperament. We try to socialize our puppies as good as possible.