NEVER buy a puppy from a small ad in the newspaper or an internet website alone. ALWAYS insist on seeing the puppy in it's own environment. Visit the breeders home at least twice, preferably more: for your first visit leave your purse / wallet / cheque book at home! We cannot offer guarantees for any breeder that appears on these pages and do not recommend one breeder over another. However, ALL breeders that appear here are known to us, are committed to The Kennel Club Code of Ethics and DO NOT breed litters purely for commercial gain. We often receive questions concerning much cheaper puppies advertised in newspapers and puppy sites. Health testing, DNA testing, quality veterinary care for dam and litter, stud fees etc. are considerable expenses. A reputable breeder will always be able to justify the prices they ask for precious puppies and in most cases breeding a litter results in financial loss for a breeder of this type.

Good luck in your search for your Lancashire Heeler puppy. Don't forget to send us your pictures and experiences!

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A Lancashire Heeler as a pet is a lifelong commitment.  Coose your Lancashire Heeler Breeder Carefully.