Lankeela Lancashire Heelers

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Lankeela Lancashire Heelers

Sire TotoIts doesn't seem possible that its over three years since I wrote about the litter mentioned below.  However, one of the girls Bronte (Lankeela Tracy's Qutie) owned by Elaine and David Syrett has now had a litter of her own.  Her brother Haribo (Lankeela Tracy's Quest) has fathered three litters, and I have a dog puppy here by him out of my liver and tan Finnish Import Marmalade's Lady Marmalade (Fizz).  Haribo is also the father of a litter in Kent out of Traqdean Just Thelma.  Hesta is owned by Jan Logan and had four dog puppies and three have now gone to their new homes with one staying with mum.



 Dam Didi with CH Traqdean Vidaluca FlorenceWhen my good friend Tracy St Clair Pearce (Traqdean) sadly died in 2011.  I took on one of her bitches, Heelstone Abbi Traqdean (Didi), who we believed was in whelp to Traqdean Midlops Movie Toto.

This was the last planned 'Traqdean' litter, but have had to be registered with my Kennel Name 'Lankeela', but I have incorporated Tracy's name into the registered names. Didi gave birth to five puppies on 6th December 2011, three dogs and two bitches and has been a superb mother, rearing them very well. Didi has been very lightly shown but does have a Reserve CC and dad Toto has since gained his third CC thus becoming a Champion. They will both be at Crufts this year, hopefully along with many other Traqdeans as a tribute to Tracy and her excellent breeding programme.

The puppies have been DNA tested for PLL as although their mother was Clear their father was a Carrier. Fortunately there were two clear dogs in the litter, with both bitches and one dog being Carriers. Registrations for the Carriers will have endorsements on them 'Progeny Not Eligible For Registration' and all will have the endorsement 'Not Eligible For An Export Pedigree'. However under the right circumstances I would be prepared to lift the breeding restriction if I feel the puppies have turned out good enough to warrant breeding from them and that the owners understand the requirements and implications of breeding from a Carrier. The Export Pedigree restriction would of course be lifted should the right home become available overseas. The puppies have also had their eyes tested and were litter screened clear at the Animal Health Trust at eight weeks old. They are all microchipped.

Two of the puppies have now gone to new homes, and both will hopefully be shown. The other bitch is now booked but there is one dog puppy available and I shall be running on a dog. If you think you may be able to offer the dog puppy a suitable home where his full potential may be realised please get in touch.

27/5/12 One dog puppy available, fully vaccinated, microchipped, house, car and lead trained and basic training started. Very affectionate and obedient. Used to other dogs and cats. Would like him to go where there is someone at home most of the time. Ring or email for more details. Update 4/6/12: This puppy has now gone to a lovely new home.