Lancashire Heeler Rescue Success Stories

Special Appeal on behalf of Charlie Lancashire Heeler Charlie needs helpUPDATE: Donations £670!

Can I just say a very big thank you to all the 'Heeler' owners who have responded to the plight of 'Charlie' the little chappie who was injured in Leigh and who's plight was picked up so quickly by this site.

Thank you! Debbie Gaynor x

Thank you Debbie though it's not the site... thanks to Jacky Cutler "Can we just stop talking about this lad Jan and just do a donate button or something...." (Facebook) - and to ALL who have done something...amazing effort in the times we're in....but he still needs a home!

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Kite....Lancashire Heeler ....and more!

an update on rescue success for the Lancashire Heeler Community Welfare Fund......from Kite himself!

Lancashire Heeler KiteHi, I’m Kite

I used to be Dando, but my new “owners”, within half an hour of meeting me, decided that wasn’t quite right and renamed me Kite (in as high as …) and seemed to think this very witty.

Anyway, I promised Sarah at the community welfare that I’d keep in touch and here I am with a brief history of events since I left her last November.

Maybe I should introduce myself, I’m first and foremost a Lancashire Heeler, but a bit of a X has given me the advantage of longer legs, speed and much agility (Caroline, who lives next door, calls me “the dog on pogo sticks”, I think she means it kindly).

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