Lancashire Heeler Rescue Success Stories

Flaxley's Story by Jess Flanagan (Trapsyke Lancashire Heelers)Lancashire Heeler Flaxley

This is Flaxley, I got him from Enid Lord at breed rescue in 2003 age 2 yrs.

After having moved into a house from my flat, the time was ripe for me to have another heeler, as Jake (rescue 1997) and Loki lived with my parents, and I had been suffering heeler withdrawal symptoms since moving 200 miles away for college!

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Jake, Our Lancashire Heeler


Jake came from the Heeler rescue on Feb 18th 1997, we decided on a rescue dog as we were finding life hard without a dog after our first heeler Zack was tragically taken from us aged 5, in the dec of 1996. Jake was a little younger (4 ish), but he had a curly tail- like Zack's, but tipped ears which made him look a little distinguished, so it was meant to be!

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Special Appeal on behalf of Charlie Donations £670 sent to Lilford Rescue Centre! Charlie wants to say thank you to the Lancashire Heeler communityUpdate 30th June 2012

It hardly seems possible that it is now just over a year since the Lancashire Heeler community together raised funds to help Charlie, a stray Lancashire Heeler who lost and eye after a car accident, leaving him blind.

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