Sophie - Lancashire Heeler Now Rehomed

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Sophie, July 2013

Sophie, a Lancashire Heeler needing a home

Sophie now has a home!  We'll update you as to her progress.

Sophie came to us as her elderly owner has had to go into a home, and her relatives were unable to take her on. She is a small bitch with a short tail, which we believe was docked when she was young as its very neat. She is about four years old, quite active and affectionate and has now settled well in kennels after being a bit unsettled at first.


We were told she could be unpredictable with some people but so far she has been fine with everyone she has met, given the chance to go to them in her own time. She craves attention and is quite obedient. Although she tolerated Scamp, our male rescue, she does not seem to like other bitches, so would need to be an only dog or maybe with a laid back male who will put up with being told off at first. She has shown no interest in the pony or sheep, but did look rather longingly at the chickens!

Sophie does not much like dog food and would prefer a home where she can be indulged and fed cooked chicken and other nice (human) grub which she has been used to. If you can offer Sophie a home where she can get lots of exercise and attention, please email Jacky or phone 07771 743138.

UPDATE:  Sophie has been offered a new home in Scotland and after some tricky logistical negotiations which has entailed several of our Rescue Reps doing part of the journey she will be going to live with her new owners very soon. 

UPDATE:  Sophie has now been in her new home for several weeks, and despite one or two hiccups has now settled in with the other two dogs there.