Rescue Success Stories 2012

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Lancashire Heeler Rescue Success Stories Benji - June 2012

Lancashire Heeler Benji has found  new home with Lucia Dunlop

UPDATE:  Sadly we have to report that Lucia has had to say goodby to Benji, as his health had deteriorated quite quickly.  We are grateful to Lucia and her family for giving him such a wonderful home for the past couple of years.

Benji was taken into Heeler rescue from his owner in Cheshire in December 2011.  His elderly owner was himself going into care and could not take Benji with him.   We are not quite sure of Benji’s exact age, from his release form we understand that he was 13 in December 2011, so he is probably 14 or nearly 14 now. 

After arriving down in Sussex Benji was fostered by Wendy Bailey in Hove while his temperament was evaluated and a suitable home could be sought. As time marched on there were few enquiries, his age being a huge factor. 

Benji like many rescue dogs has baggage, he finds it difficult getting to know new people and was prone to trying to hump other dogs regardless of sex!  The decision was made to have him castrated not an easy operation on an elderly dog but Benji surprised everyone by making a fast recovery. 

Benji loves to explore his new surroundings

It was about this time while chatting on the Heeler Friends Too Facebook Group that we became a

ware of Benji’s plight and after a call to Wendy it was agreed that we would have Benji on trial for a week while she took a holiday.

Benji arrived to be greeted by 4 rumbustious much younger Heelers, used to older Heelers (as we only lost Eccles and Waffle in the last two years) mine immediately accepted him, but he was not so sure and was a bit snappy with them at first.

The first week was a bit of a Roller Coaster to say the least, I was bitten by Benji twice and he had a terrible habit of peeing up against the kitchen cupboards.  He wouldn’t let me pet him and seemed scared of his own shadow.  At the end of the week I decided it wasn’t going to work and was all ready to send him back to Wendy.  My husband Andrew had other ideas, although Andrew is out at work all day he had developed a bond with Benji, (Andrew has always been a bit of a dog whisperer) and it became apparent that Benji preferred Men to women!  We decided that we needed to give him more time so I rang Wendy explained the situation and asked if we could keep him for a little longer.

Benji has a complete Lancashire Heeler family and now enjoys their company to the full

Roll on 8 weeks and Benji is very much here to stay, he is unrecognisable from the dog that first week.  He is clean in the house, happy to be petted and just loves the freedom of a large garden, he gets on very well with the other 4 and is very much one of the pack.  He is amazingly agile for a 14 year old, eats well and is thoroughly enjoying life again.

We are so glad that we decided to keep him, it is amazing what a little patience, perseverance and love can do.  Taking on a rescue dog may not be for everyone but I can  say from our experience it has been incredibly rewarding.

Lucia Dunlop


Pip - May 2012

Pip is settling well into her new homeThis is Pip that came from Norfolk. She is still being beaten up by the cats and likes nothing more than sneaking upstairs to sleep under the duvet. SHe is very friendly with strangers but hates other female dogs. She thinks she is a big dog. Very good with the children and has started to play with toys. Fits through the cat flap which is handy. Bill's assessment of her has been spot on!

Poppy -April 2012

Just a quick update on how poppy is settling in. Poppy now has a new home!

It feels like poppy has been part of our family forever. She is a lovely affectionate girl greeting us with kisses and licks when we come in even if we only left her 2 minutes before. She is settling well and enjoying her walks in the countryside around us, although we havent had her off her lead yet as we dont wish to lose her.

On her first night while investigating outside she caught a mouse in the garage and promptly ate it making Helen feel a little ill whilst also laughing. The kids, Lucy and Sam, adore her and she lays to let them rub her tummy.

Poppy is an excellent climber as she jumps from sandpit to window sill and onto the plastic greenhouse - its a good job we have high walls around our yard! Poppy is house trained and sleeps in her basket in the kitchen at night with no problems at all so far. she is so playful with a squeaky ball running around the house and yard with it although she broke the squeak after 5 minutes. Poppy likes our neighbours boy dog but not the other neighbours girl labrador who is so friendly so we need to work on her social skills with dogs. Poppy has had a bath and is brushed everyday to try to get rid of her dry skin problem and it appears to be working so far. We all love Poppy and can't imagine life without her now. We are teaching her to not jump on the beds and she is learning quickly what no and stay means. We are very grateful to get Poppy so thankyou very much x

Rich and Helen Wardell

Tinker (Tink) -March 2012

Hi Sarah,

Tinks, a happy and welcome addition for Nick and Joanne's familyAs promised - photos and a little news on Tink. Having lost our last Lancashire Heeler in June 2010 we thought that as summer 2011 came we would like to have another heeler, (with me having an ulterior motive as I do a lot of fell walking and would like a companion!). We contacted the rescue society to see if they had a dog that needed to be re homed at that time there was none but Sarah contacted me in November and I was told the there was a bitch at almost 4 years old that need a new forever home; so Tinker (Tink) arrived.

At first she was a little shy but soon showed that she had a bit of a demon in her, as my wife, Joanne, says . She loves the fell walking, as you can see in the pictures, is great off the lead, and obeys you very well. She is, however, a little pest with her wanting to play ball and fetch all the time!

We took her away to the lakes over half term and she was fantastic in the hotel and wanted to walk forever on the fells.

She has settled in very well with Joanne & me. We are very happy with her and are looking forward to having lots of holidays in the lakes with her with all the walks that go with that. Have attached a few pictures of tink in her new home, She loves her bed & coat, as she seemed to find the cold weather bad for her as she shivered when out on a walk.

Thank you very much for letting us have the chance to rehome Tink

Yours Nick & Joanne Moore

Lancashire Heeler, Tinks Lancashire Heeler, Tinks Lancashire Heeler, Tinks Lancashire Heeler, Tinks Lancashire Heeler, Tinks Lancashire Heeler, Tinks Lancashire Heeler, Tinks  



Message from new owner David:

"Attached are some pictures of Buster. He has settled in OK and is now familiar with all the walks around here and when off the lead mixes well with other dogs. He now has a collection of squeaky toys which keep him (and me) entertained around the house. He likes his comfort and warmth and follows the passage of the sun across the room moving from one berth to the next but usually my lap as soon as I sit down

Buster enjoying the good life Buster enjoying the good life Buster enjoying the good life Buster enjoying the good life Buster enjoying the good life Buster enjoying the good life  



Lancashire Heeler Charlie was involved in a serious road traffic accidentYou may well remember Charlie who was rehomed by Leigh Rescue Centre after being involved in a car accident. Lancashire Heeler community supporters raised £670 to help him. He has found the best of forever homes with Mr and Mrs Eagles, experienced Lancashire Heeler owners and ardent supporters of the breed. Carol informs us that, although blind, Charlie finds his way around his home surroundings so expertly that you really wouldn't know he was blind. Socially he is no different than any other Heeler...he gets on famously with one of the dogs living next door (neutered) but does not take kindly to its entire playmate! To date he has experienced no further health problems. Carol would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year. Thank you to Bill and Ginnette Simpson for passing on the message and photographs. This has to be one of the happiest 2011 Heeler outcomes this year. Just look at that coat shine - how lucky is he! Read Charlie's story.



Still blind as a bat and as cute as a bug, Looking forward to getting spoilt again, and cannot wait for the snow,

Loads of love and hugs,

Jasper xx

Happy Christmas from Jasper and Karen


Kite with dad


Kite is an adventurous young lad who likes nothing more than getting up to plenty of mischief. Read Kite's own account of life in his new forever home.


Ada is a beautiful Lancashire Heeler Cross who found herself in a rescue centre without a home with a deadline looming. The centre contacted the Community Welfare Fund and Ada has already been found a new home. Thanks to all for a great team effort. Pictures to follow shortly.


Ruby, Lancashire Heeler rescue success



This is Ruby, settling well in her new home with Tracy Bamber - with thanks to Enid Lord.


Ben not only has a new forever home but new friends tooBen settles in. I got Ben in August (half Lancashire Heeler, half Australian cattle dog) following the death of our beloved Susie. The breeder we got Susie from gave my daughter her brother, Nicholas Nickleby, a stout little fella who loves his tug of war and his doggie newspaper. Nickelby lives with my ex and Amelia and I've got Ben via the Lancashire Heeler website aka "Big Ben" who despite my best efforts keeps sneaking under the duvet with me. Very protective, loves the left-overs and chases the birds in the sky!

An Afternoon with Ben. Here's an update with some pictures on how Ben, my rescue cross is settling in. Jess "Trapsyke Lancashire Heeler" was kind enough to come over for the day with Kulu, Flaxley, Thistle and Pancake. We had such a great day! Here's Ben leading the charge! You can view all the pictures on her Facebook page Pancake was off to see her 'husband' and I am hoping there'll be a puppy suitable for Ben ;-) Paws crossed!

Sarah Olney

I think this says it all...Ben has a new home, he has made new friends for himself and Sarah...and Sarah has already got the 'Heeler bug!

Toby & MitzieToby waits for the train with mum Pam

Always a pleasure to hear from Toby and Mitzi and what an exciting life they now lead!

"We took Toby and Mitzie for a day out to see some steam locomotives on the Worth Valley railway, they loved it and we got permission for them to sit on the seats in the train, the photo is seen with Pam on the platform with Toby waiting for the train. We have had Mitzie now nearly 3 years and she does try bossing Toby about. Mark and Pam Procter


Buster, now happy in his forever home


Buster is a delightful little chap who captured the hearts ofseveral of our welfare team.





Buster, a successful adoption



Buster is now very happily settled in his new forever home and we look forward to receiving an update soon



Update from the beautiful Lily

Lily's forever parents are George and Jenny. I have received these beautiful pictures of Lily with Bridget (a rescue sibling) They do say a picture paints a thousand words and these say that Lily and Bridget have indeed got a well deserved loving home and a life of fulfilled enjoyment.

Lancashire Heeler: Lily Lancashire Heeler:Bridget Lancashire Heeler:  Lily Lancashire Heeler: Bridget Lancashire Heeler: Lily Lancashire Heeler: Bridget & Lily Lancashire Heeler: Lily Thumbnail panels: Now Loading

"Please find attached current photos of Lily. I noticed you still have photos of her on the Lancashire Heelers Community web site from when Bill delivered her to us.

Since then she has become very friendly with Bridget and they seem to be inseparable. As can be seen from the photos Lily loves to chase balls and particularly loves the beach. They both look much happier than 12 months ago. Lily has made her self at home and in defiantly the boss .

Hope you like the photos

George and Jenny



Happy Brithday Jasper, from the Lancashire Heeler Community! 12 years young.Gentleman Jasper's 12th Birthday

We love hearing from any happy Heeler in a new forever home and it's even more of a treat to hear from those helped by the Community Welfare Fund. Jasper is a lovely chap and it's a joy to see him so content:

Hi Sarah, Just a quick update, I celebrated my 12th birthday on the 1st May, and have enclosed a little picky for you. I am fit and well and enjoying my forever home.

Lots of Love,


Update on Alfie - March 30th 2011

Alfie was rehomed by The Lancashire Heeler Community Welfare Fund earlier this year and has a wonderful new home with Dolly an older Lancashire Heeler bitch as companion.

Hi Sarah Attached are a few photos of Alfie We are so pleased with him, he has fitted in so very well and is such a lovely boy we can't believe our luck really. Dolly is a bit better - she does get a fed up with him sometimes but she is learning to sort him out when he gets too excited. He has already learnt not to chase the chickens although sometimes he cannot resist the geese but he's getting there. He loves going for walks and has been to the beach a couple of times too although he did seem a bit daunted the first time. I think he is happiest when we are outside and he has his nose down a mole hill! He does get very tired though and sleeps very soundly in the evening - it is difficult to move him sometimes. I will send you some more photos soon. Kind regards Sheryl

Alfie with his new companion DollyAlfie is very settled in his new homeAlfie happy at play in his new home

Lancashire Heeler Charlie home at last!Charlie was injured in a road traffic accident in Lancashire and suffered substantial facial injury leading to the removal of an eye. The Lancashire Heeler community took him to their hearts and raised funds to help Lilford Rescue with his care. Charlie now has a new home with Mr and Mrs Eagle and their Lancashire Heeler Millie. Read Charlie's story. We have been promised more pictures of Charlie as he progresses.


Alfie and DollyAlfie with his new conmpanion DollyAlfie at a natural Heeler pastime - cattle herding!

We love to hear from anyone with a rescued Lancashire Heeler, from any dog rescue organisation, willing to share their stories. Sometimes it's not an easy task to give a home to a dog with an unknown history but experience has shown that the rewards involved are invariably worth the effort!

If you have successfully re-homed a Lancashire Heeler send us your story.

A rescue success - Alfie


Lancashire Heeler x Alfie

We 'rescued' Alfie from Leigh Dogs Home a couple of weeks before Christmas 2010. We aleady had Sally a cross, rescued from Manchester Dogs Home 8 years ago. He is a delight. Very intelligent and although a little unsure at first, settled in really quickly. The welcome you get whether first thing in the morning or when you come in the house is like nothing else. - Sue Ormesher


Jess Flanagan tells us about Flaxley

After having moved into a house from my flat, the time was ripe for me to have another heeler, as Jake (rescue 1997) and Loki lived with my parents, and I had been suffering heeler withdrawal symptoms since moving 200 miles away for college!Read more

Tinker (Billy) - February 2011

Tinker has found a wondeful new family

Latest pictures of a very happy Tinker in his new home!

As you can see, Tinker is very comfortable in his new home and loves a cuddle with dad!

He also has a new friend to play with! Tinker and friend!


Poppy - February 2011 Poppy needs a home Poppy - Lancashire Heeler/Terrier Cross

Poppy will be starting puppy training classes this week. She is settling really well, although the cat and chickens might not agree! She is good with doggy friends and horses, house training is going well and she is learning to sit and stay. She is getting lots of long walks and it looks like things are working out for this lively little girl.

Alfie - February 2011 Lancashire Heeler Alfie in his new forever home!

Alfie has gone to his new home, where he has settled straight away. He will be living with an older Heeler bitch and has lots of room to run and play.



Lancashire Heeler cross Kite isn't quite big enough to match up to Griffin Kite

We are most grateful to Kite's new mum Liz for sending this pictorial update on his progress.


Kite, ex Dando the rescue dog we adopted nearly three weeks ago, introduces himself to Griffin and tries to assert his authority. He needs to grow a bit yet!

Jack keeps his distance from Kite!

Our other Lancashire Heeler, Jack, remained in aloof isolation. He liked to keep Kite in his place, but sadly we lost Jack last week. Having Kite really helped, it's hard to mope when there's a bundle of energy flying round the house.

SNowbabies - Lancashire Heeler Crosses Kite and Jack wth Griffin

From left to right, Kite, Jack and Griffin, all enjoy the snow.

A LAncashire Heeler Cross in almost out of his depth in the snow

Kite doesn't know his own depth and has to go snow ploughing.

Unperturbed, Jake 'ploughs on'

A quick shake off and he's away again.

Lancashire Heeler Crosses know how to tun on the cute looks

The traditional cute picture, Kite collapses on the sofa.

Kite also has a mischievous side

And, in his other guise, he models his Tasmanian Devil look.

A dog with definite character!

Archie - January 2011

Lancashire Heeler Archie was rescued by Tracy St Clair Pearce

Archie (formerly known as Merlin) was rescued by Tracy St Clair Pearce and came to live us in Summer 2009. Our Labrador, Poppy quickly realised that the new arrival was a different character to the 14 year old heeler who had previously lived with her and ensured he was treated with a firm hand. Archie quickly made himself at home and once he recognised that he was not going to be top dog has become great friends with Poppy and the rest of the dogs in the local dog walking group. Archie's favourite activities are long walks and swims on Formby beach and playing ball anywhere he can.

James Parry

Toby & Mitzie - an update - January 2011

Toby and Mitzie light up the snow

Here is a recent picture of Toby and Mitzie in the recent snow first thing in the morning...toby is 8 and mitzie is now 13, toby was bred by mrs lord and mitzie was a rescue dog again from mrs lord we have had her 3 years now and love her very much. Many Thanks.

Mark and Pam Procter


Owners Karen and Dave have sent this Festive picture of Jasper to reinforce the happy ending this little chap has had this year.

Jasper's year of a happy ending 2010

Sam, owned by Andrea Longden Here is a picture of our gorgeous Sam whom we adopted from the Ashbourne Animal Rescue Centre last November. We think he is about three years old and love him to bits. He has the most wonderful pointy ears and his marking is superb. We had not heard of Lancashire Heelers until complete strangers stopped us in the street to comment.

Karlen Lawrence


Great news! Dando has a wonderful new home in North Yorkshire. It is always such a joy to see that magical moment when that special person comes into a dogs life to make such a difference. More news and photos have been promised soon.

[We currently have a young lad who is not quite 100% Heeler, but is a real character. He is black and tan with a bit of white, longer in the leg and very active. We are looking for an experienced home, perhaps with an older bitch and with someone who can give him some firm boundaries and continue his training. He would be ideal for agility and loves to play ball.

There are one or two issues that need sorting but he is responding well to the work being done with him. If you think you could offer him a forever home or would like more information, please contact Sarah Whybrow.

Update - Dando has now been castrated and is a lovely little chap, he is quickly learning how to behave properly and will soon be ready for a new home. He hates being in kennels and the sooner we find him a new owner the better. ]

Lancashire heeler Dando is quite a characterLancashire Heeler cross Dando deserves a second chance

The happiest of endings for 'Lucky George' - October 2010

Lancashire heeler George now has a new home

Lancashire Heeler George is clearly very comfortable in his new home!

I have today received a very special letter about George from Tracy St Clair Pearce, pictured below in full 'pampered Heeler' repose!

"George has adopted Mrs Beetles who was going to buy a Lancashire Heeler puppy from me when she saw the pictures of him on the Community Website. She finally got him a few weeks ago but has sent me some pictures for the site".

I am most grateful to Mrs Beetles for sending the pictures and the update and to Tracy for forwarding them. What was even more heartwarming was the fact that Tracy was overjoyed that Mrs Beetles chose to adopt George instead of a new puppy. A great example of integrity and community.





You may remember the sorry plight of George, the Lancashire Heeler who spent some time in the care of The Dogs Trust Rescue Centre (below)?





George in the care of The Dogs Trust



I do so love a happy ending!

Oscar - October 2010


Hi Janice

Just a little update on Oscar, and a few photos of him Lancashire Heeler Oscar at homeplaying with his toy resting and shaking his bed up. We love him to bits he has been on two motorhome holidays and he loves it .He sleeps with Bill and Molly sleeps with me they have their beds but they rather have ours. We had the young stock come for the summer and Oscar soon started to keep them in check. They are only allowed to come so near. Bill calls him a Tinkers dog he's always rooting about looking for rabbits so far they have escaped him.

Regards from Joan to all the Heeler community

Oscar loves to play

Oscar, a very happy Lancashire Heeler

Lancashire Heeler, LilyLily - another Lancashire Heeler happy ending

The following message has been received from George and Jenny, who took charge of Lily. Lily was one of the bitches brought to the Club show at Roade and was taken back up north by Bill and Ginnette Simpson.

"Attached are three photos of Lily.

She has settled in very well, and gets on with our other dog Bridget who is also a rescue dog.Lancashire Heeler Lily and friend Bridget

Lily has made herself very much at home and enjoys her walks with Bridget.

Lancashire Heler Lily has settled well into her new home

Although we have only had her for one week she already responds to her name and has been let off the lead in the park. She is not afraid of the other dogs in the park, and gets on with them.

George and Jenny

George - a sad tale - Update - George now has a new home!

Lancashire Heeler, GeorgeA sad story about an adorable Lancashire Heeler boy.

George has been in a rescue kennel since last September. Lancashire Heeler, George desperately needs a home He was found tied to a tree and has reportedly had a tough time with his previous male owner so understandably was very timid and scared when he was first rescued.

After his initial settling in time, George came out of his shell and has made very close bonds with everyone who looks after him but is still wary of men. George is nervous around dogs but is being walked with some nice doggy friends to help build his confidence. He would probably be more suited to a home on his own.

George loves his food which is great for introducing him to new people. He really is a ladies man and it takes hardly anytime for him to get to know somebody new but does take much longer for a man. The rescue centre have assessed George as most suitable to live with children aged 14 years and over and would love him to find an experienced, calm, patient home who can help him to rebuild his confidence in a home environment. Can you help rescue Lancashire Heeler, George?

Emily, his main carer, has just asked me to add that George is the sweetest little chap who always makes her smile as he is always very happy and very cuddly with her and she absolutely adores him.

Fingers crossed he will find a great home soon.

George is currently at the Dogs Trust at Telford, and we are working with them to find the right home for him. If you are interested in offering him a home, please contact Kerry Ridgeway at Dogs Trust Telford on 01952 770225.

[pictures of George appear by permission of Dogs Trust]

Lancashire Heeler Rescue Success Stories Little Oscar - a post Christmas update for a special Lancashire Heeler Lancashire Heeler Oscar spent Christmas in the Lancashire Heeler Breed Rescue

I have been asked a few times whether I've heard anything about Little Oscar, the Lancashire Heeler in rescue over Christmas, so I was especially pleased to hear from Joan this week.....

Lancashire Heeler, Oscar is settling well into his new homeJust an update on Little Oscar He is improving every day.

We have weaned him out of his cage and he now has a comfortable bed, but after his long walks in the field he spends a lot of time sleeping.

He has lots of toys but he prefers socks!

Oscar and our Grandson Jack aged 5 are best buddies, they play in the garden together.

Lancashire Heeler Oscar has a new friend in MollyOscar's nature is coming out, he is a very gentle dog and will jump up on to your knee but does not like being picked up. He comes upstairs on a morning like a baby elephant when Bill gets up for a cuppa and I get a big sloppy kiss.

I have enlosed a few pics, one with Molly who bosses Oscar about but he grumbles back to her.

We love him to bits.

Regards and Best wishes to the Lancashire Heeler Community


Little Oscar Lancashire Heeler in Rescue, Little Oscar


Good News! Little Oscar has been found a new home!

Jacky Cutler took the Christmas shift looking after Oscar (our Lancashire Heeler in rescue). Jacky spent some time taking him for a Christmas Day walk and giving him some much needed TLC and sent in this picture. Bill Simpson introduced Pete and I to him en route to his new home and it was clear that he was already coming out of his shell. I have now received a message from Oscar's new owners which, as always, brought a tear to the eye and reminds us of what we're all working for:

"Six days ago little Oscar came into our lives and stole our hearts. We lost our Lancashire Heeler Ben in September and our Molly (another Heeler ) missed him. I fell upon your website and saw little Oscar wanting a home.

He has investigated everywhere and loves having walks. We have fields he can run about in. Molly and him are already getting used to one another. I give special thanks to Ginnette and Bill for bringing him to us, and all those who have looked after him.

You can be sure he will always be loved."

Thanks Joan and Bill

Big Oscar

A dog can find itself in rescue for lots of reasons and sometimes we forget there can be another side to the story.....

I just wanted to say a big thank you for finding a new home for a much loved and missed pet Oscar (big), it was such a hard decision to let him go after such a long time in owning him, but due to having a baby last year he just wasn't getting the time and attention he deserved. You were so understanding and patient while I made my decision to let him go and Judy drove all the way to Cornwall to pick him up. We did shed a tear or two when he went but we knew that we had made the right choice in choosing yourselves to rehome and can't recommend you highly enough. I am so happy that he has found a home so quickly and has a lovely owner just in time for Christmas. He is dearly missed but to know that he has a loving home makes it all worth while.

I just wanted to say a big thank you and I hope you put this message on your website, so if anyone else is thinking about rehoming their beloved pet please use this organisation...In a few years when my little one is older I would love to rehome a rescue dog from yourselves...BIG THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US.


Lancashire Heeler JasperOur JASPER... has been with us for one week today, and what an impact he has made.

I have always had Heelers in my life from being 6 years old but have spent the latter dogless. I decided earlier this year that I would at the grand old age of 47 retire and the first thing I wanted was another Heeler. I did not know if I wanted a puppy or a rescue and never really had a preference. I first noticed Jasper posted on your site about six weeks ago, but as I am not due to retire until November did nothing. My mind kept returning to his post, so I gave in and enquired. Once I heard his story he was mine. Many, many thanks to Sarah for fetching him up to Darlington for me.

So here goes for Jaspers first week.

Saturday began early as we collected Jasper from Sarah 8am Saturday morning. It took a further 45 min journey and we were home. Lots to explore and even more to take in. I walked him the last half mile home where he came nose to nose with one of the many horses that frequent our village, with a wag of his tail he took it all in his stride. Jasper spent the rest of the morning investigating his new home. In the afternoon his visitors began to arrive, although he showed a preference to women it did not take long for him to gain trust in the men. His first night in a strange new home went like a dream, we at least expected a sleepless night but Jasper had other ideas, he was worn out.

Sunday was meet the other dogs in the area. He behaved like a complete gentleman, and enjoyed a fun afternoon playing with his doggie friends.Lancashire Heeler, JasperMonday was his first day at work although a little nervous at first he quickly melted hearts and found his way around. By lunch time he owned the place and he behaved impecably. He never left my side, he was attached to me via an invisible lead. He greeted people with a 'this is my belly tickle me' attitude and made loads of new friends. It was time to meet the children. He knew instantly what he had to do, he ignored them but made himself seen allowing them to gain trust in him. I could not have wished that the things he was doing he could have done with the attitude of a pro.

Tuesday Jasper had completely settled in. He had everyone trained to just the way he liked it, feed me, walk me, play with me, and tickle me. He was really starting to show his little character.

Wednesday spent the day running free and loving it in Grandma's football pitch sized garden, much to the delight of Grandma. Thoroughly spoilt again. Thursday Jasper came back into work and was not going to let anyone past without first throwing his new toy across the hall.

Friday back at Grandma's. Jasper now has more toys than a toy shop, four beds and three leads. His day starts at 6am with breakfast and a walk. Then he has an hours sleep (lucky him) while everyone else gets ready, our day begins at 8.30 either at work or at Grandma's. By 4.30 we are home again. Jasper has his mad half hour, then its tea, a walk and time to relax just until Jasper decideds it playtime again.

Jasper is a sweet gentle natured dog, He knows just how to react to each new situation. With his age (which I have my doubts about him being 10, because he is still a puppy at heart) he shows maturity and has the cunning to get his own way. He has brought an awful lot of love and energy with him and asks for nothing in return. He has all the antics that Heelers come with (which brought back lots of fond mermories)

I could go on for ever, but I just have one more message for you Sarah... Sorry Sarah you are not getting Jasper back, he is here for keeps. We all love him dearly. He has found his retirement home and rules our hearts. He may be selectively deaf and losing his sight, but he has a heart as big as a mountain. (ps - I know you had concerns about letting off the lead - do not worry I tried it today and he behaved beautifully and has learned he is not allowed past the end of the drive. He is an old master)

No way is this dog agressive - he may have a bark but let him meet them properly and its play all the way. He is a credit to who ever brought him up and it will be a pleasure to have him in our lives. He is soooooo sweet.

Today he taught a little girl it was wrong to bite, and only may she spend time with us as long as she does not bite. He has his earned his reirement, just by helping one child. I spent months training my second dog, but Jasper just knows what to do. I never set out to have another trained dog but it seems Jasper has other ideas.

Hugs and kisses.

Jasper, Karen & Dave

Toby and Mitzie Lancashire Heelers Toby and Mitzie

Hello there. Here is Toby and Mitzie - we both came from Enid lord. Toby was bought in 2002 and is now 7 he is a happy playful dog and very loving. Toby could not be shown because he has crooked teeth...

Mitzie was rescued in 2008, thanks to Enid, when her owner died and she has settled in and is now 12 years old and is very loving and plays with Toby and tries to boss him about....

We just want to put on record our thanks to Enid lord for 2 smashing Heelers and hope she gets better. Please fell free to use the email. Many thanks. Mark and Pam Procter..


I am a very privileged owner of one of Enid Lords rescue dogs. Lancashire Heeler, Max as a puppy

He is a handsome, strong minded little fellow with an endless source of amusing tricks which never fail to amuse and entertain us.

As a college nurse, part of my remit is to teach health promotion to students with learning difficulties. Max joins in these sessions with relish, charging through the college grounds with the lads and lassies smiling happily and wagging his tail non- stop. He can either act 9 weeks old or 90 years old depending what mood he's in.

If he doesn't want to get out of bed which is very rare! He pretends to be asleep!

The post- man thought he was a German shepherd with the racket he makes when the mail arrives. He is the best sulker I have ever seen if nobody wants to go for a walk! Lancashire Heeler Max, now 4 years old

I have told him he will have to go to anger management classes if he keeps drawing hiself up to his full height and shouting at red setters and boxers when we are out. He loves to go clay pigeon shooting with us, and has been known to startle the odd pheasant out of the hedgerows on his travels.

He enjoys coming to crown green bowling with me because he gets spoilt rotten by the other bowlers. Max is four years old now and was originally a christmas present from my son. The pictures show him as a puppy and today.

I cant remember what life was like without the little feller because he took over ours.

Enid does a sterling job of rescuing and rehoming these dogs, and I would recommend Lancashire Heelers to anyone who can manage a little dog with the heart of a lion and thinks its human!

Just be warned - they steal your heart!

Angela Emmington


George was rescued last summer. He and his new owner are very happy, George has a heeler friend to play with every day and has become so well known in the village that several people have asked about his background and are seriously thinking of rescuing a dog themselves.

Mrs Lord was so helpful and has made an old lady and her new dog very happy.

Thank you Gabrielle Thomson ( - also the happy owner of Foxtyme Lady Hamilton who is known as Mini at home)

Gabrielle Thomson


Bracken now happily settled in his new home



I'd like to thank Mrs Lord for all the work that she does for Heeler Rescue and how she helped us.

Bracken now happily settled in his new home


We have had Heelers since 1990 and lost Arthur in February 2006, after a number of complicated illnesses. I found Mrs Lord number completely by accident via a US web page. Our little Heeler bitch was missing her mate and Mrs Lord made it possible for us to give Bracken a home.

Bracken now happily settled in his new home


Bracken had been living in Newcastle and needed to be rehomed for a number of reasons, not least that he wasn't very fond of little children.

Bracken now happily settled in his new home



We picked Bracken up in Preston on 9 April 2006. He was very quiet in his travelling box on the back seat as we brought him home to Essex.

He fitted in immediately, a bit bossy with the little bitch but they have sorted it all out. We contacted his previous owner and have maintained regular contact and become good telephone friends, finding that we had quite a lot in common, and hope to meet in the coming months.

Bracken now happily settled in his new home

I've attached some pictures of Bracken during his first few days with us to show how quickly he settled in and one of his yesterday in the snow.

He is very amusing and has some eandearing ways and expressions. He likes watching television when not out in the garden chasing birds and playing with his mate. He and my son are now also great mates.

Thank you Mrs Lord for all your hard work.

Jackie Foulkes and Bracken



Jake is sadly no longer with us but fondly remembered.

Read more about Jake


Lancashire Heeler Welfare

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