Lancashire Heelers Rehomed From Rescue 2013

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Lancashire Heelers in Rescue 2013

We were asked to find a home for Bella as she did not like being left and her barking was upsetting the neighbours.  Luckily after just a couple of nights spent with me and my dogs she has been offered a new home. 

UPDATE:  The lovely Bella has gone to her new home living with Roddy the JRT.  She has settled really well and is enjoying her new life.


UPDATE:  Bailey is long longer available. 

There is a dog called Baily currently in the RSPCA Kennels at Block Fen in Cambridgeshire who is looking for a new home.  He is a friendly chap about five years old and if you think you could offer him the right home please contact them direct.




Dewey needs a home


UPDATE  Pleased to report that these two are staying put!  Dewey has started to come out of himself and is much happier now, so they will be staying with their new owner.

We have been asked to find a home for a 5/6 year old castrated male Lancashire Heeler.  He is a bit nervous with new people till he gets used to them, and although he is fine with small, friendly dogs he can be very wary of bigger, boisterous dogs which his current owner has.  If we can find him a home with another small dog that would be great, but if not it is possible he could be rehomed with his mother who is just turned 11. 

Mistle needs a homeShe is friendly and fine with other dogs.  If you think you could offer Dewey and/or Mistle the right sort of home please contact Jacky.  They are based in Essex at present and will stay with their current owners who took them in when their breeder had to find homes for all their dogs due to health problems. 



UPDATE: Tula is currently being foster prior to going to her new home in Finland in the New Year. 

We have a two year old Heeler bitch looking for a home, must be with no other bitches and no chickens or other livestock.  Very friendly and affectionate.  Please ring Jacky (07771 743138) for further details.

UPDATE:  Both Cody and Logan have been rehomed and settled well after only being with us for just over a week.

We now have TWO Lancashire Heelers on the books looking for new homes.  UPDATE: Hopefully both boys will be going to their new homes this weekend!

1. We are taking in a seven month old male puppy that was rehomed by an all breed rescue, but he is causing havoc with his new owner who cannot cope. More details to follow once we have arranged to pick him up.

2. We have been asked to find a home for Cody, a three year old castrated male, due to a change in owners circumstances. Cody is vaccinated and microchipped,

He preferably needs a home whcody, a handsome Lancashire Heeler Needing a homeere he will be the only dog, although we will be assessing how he reacts to other dogs, as he did live with a Lab previously. He can take time to get used to people, and is unsure of children so we would be looking for an adults only household. Cody really needs someone who can be firm but fair and continue his education, as he does tend to be a bit worried in certain situations. Being a young chap he needs a decent amount of exercise and attention,   If you think Cody might fit in with your lifestyle, please contact Jacky on 07771 743138.

 Cody, a Lancashire heeler waiting for the right owner




Millie - Update: Millie has been rehomed!

Millie, July 2013

Millie, a Lancashire Heeler needing a home

We were asked to find a new home for Milly whose owners had sold their house and were moving into a flat where they sadly cannot have dogs. She is adorable.

She is ten years old, spayed, vaccinated up to date and in good health but does love her food! She is excellent with people (except postmen!) and loves kids and other dogs. She is friendly, lively and a real sweetheart, and this is a very difficult decision for her owners.

UPDATE: We are pleased to say that Millie has been found a wonderful new home, and her previous owners are going to keep in touch with her new ones.  We have never had as many calls as we had offering Millie a home! 

email Jacky or phone 07771 743138.