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Special Appeal on behalf of Charlie Donations £670 sent to Lilford Rescue Centre! Charlie wants to say thank you to the Lancashire Heeler communityUpdate 30th June 2012

It hardly seems possible that it is now just over a year since the Lancashire Heeler community together raised funds to help Charlie, a stray Lancashire Heeler who lost and eye after a car accident, leaving him blind.

I have today received a wonderful present from Charlie himself. In thanks for all that has been done, 2 of his friends have been busy making a beautiful cushion on his behalf with his wish that we use it to raise funds to help another dog. It seems that your generosity of spirit has been returned to benefit others. Charlie is doing great, as always, (if just a little more portly) and is enjoying life as always with his family. He is having lot's of adventures out and about and is quite a superstar! The cushion, commissioned by Charlie, has been made by Glenys and Vera: Glenys making the cushion and Vera working on the tapestry. It is an original Lancashire Heeler work of art, modeled for by Charlie himself.Charlie's cushion will be used to fund raise for funds to help others. If you have any ideas on what competition or fundraising activity would be best visit our Facebook page and tell us your ideas!

Charlie has given a beautiful Charlie cushion to The Lancashire Heeler Community


Lancashire Charlie's Thank You Card


Charlie enjoying life with dad30th June 2011

Joan Smith has sent me this lovely picture of Charlie out with 'dad' at a show in Lancashire. Fantastic to see him enjoying a life he deserves.


I have today received an update on Charlie's progress from Paul, Lilford Rescue Centre:

Charlie has settled very well in his new home and enjoys his travels to the Lakes with the Eagles. Sue the ophthalmic vet is still pleased with Charlies progress, on his last visit his pressure was fine although the level of dryness in his eye had increased and he is now on Optimmune. Went to visit him at weekend for a few Charlie cuddles and hoping to see him on the 26th of June at our Fun Dog Show, will send pics.


I will post pictures as soon as received. - Jan

    Thank-you card from Paula and Adele at Lilford Rescue Centre together with a receipt for monies raised by visitors to this site.

Thank-you card from Leigh Rescue for Charlie appealReceipt now received for Charlie's appeal


Charlie now has a loving forever home! - Happiest of endings for Lancashire Heeler Charlie Pictured below Charlie (Left) with Mr and Mrs Eagles and Millie (Right).

Lancashire Heeler Charlie with his new family, Mr and Mrs Eagle and Millie

UPDATED: 27th February latest update from Lilford Rescue:

Hi Janice, Pics has promised! Charlie will be going to his new home Wednesday. He is staying local, so will be able to stay under the care of the ophthalmic vet who has been dealing with him. Charlie is going to live with a lovely couple Mr & Mrs Eagle and their Lancashire Heeler Millie. They are experienced Heeler owners and every one who knows them have said Charlie couldn't have picked a better home for himself. We know he will be loved and cared for very much and the vet nurse's who cared for Charlie when he first had his accident are so pleased, as they will be able to carry on seeing Charlie when he has his routine vet visits and know that Charlie is going to the loving forever home that he so deserves. Once again a big thank you from Lilford Animal Welfare and Charlie Eagle to all those who have helped and shown outstanding kindness and caring for Charlie's welfare.

Will stay in touch with updates on Charlie's new future and adventures.


Charlie has a home! This Lancashire Heeler has captured the hearts of many people around the World! We have received donations from across England, Scotland and Wales. We have also received donations from Germany, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Norway and even as far away as the USA and Australia!

Today Charlie spent the day with his new family in Lancashire. This includes a new Lancashire Heeler step sister called Millie. His day went well and I am able to tell you that his new family are Mr and Mrs Eagle, experienced Heeler owners having adopted Millie as a rescue Heeler some time ago. They have discussed Charlie's ongoing needs with his vet and Charlie will attend an ophthalmic appointment in respect of his left eye in 2 months time. Lilford Rescue will also be in attendance. Lilford Rescue have promised updates in respect of Charlie in thanks for all who have contributed to his welfare.

Lancashire Heeler CharlieLancashire Heeler Charlie has a  home

Charlie will take up residence with his new family on Wednesday. In the next few days Mr and Mrs Eagles will be making arrangements for Charlie's arrival - including getting a soft crate for car travel. We would personally like to thank Paula and Adele for all they have done with Charlie. We are acutely aware of how difficult it is to run a small rescue, having seen at first hand the efforts required. The rewards, however, when a deserving dog finds a very special home are great. Charlie is pictured here with Paula's daughter.


On a final note - thank you everyone for your contributions. Please take a few minutes to take some pleasure in knowing that you have made a big difference to the life of this little dog.


The appeal has now closed and a cheque for £670, that you have raised, has been sent to Lilford Rescue Centre.


Hi Janice Thank you for everything the site has done for Charlie. I know you will probably say "it is down to all the kind and generous people who have donated to Charlie", but without you kick starting the appeal this wouldn't have all happened. As you will see from the pictures Charlie is settling very well in his foster home and enjoying his new life. He loves his twice daily walks looks forward to them no matter what the weather, and loves meeting new doggie friends. Had to laugh at him this morning, the weather was atrocious so I put a coat on him. Didn't protest or try to get the coat off but walked up the street like a sulking child behind me, ended up taking the coat off, carrying it and Charlie was his happy self (LOL The thanks you get for thinking of him and keeping him dry). He is off to the vets next week to check on his left eye, no matter what the out come as to the decision on whether his left eye needs to be removed, I know that Charlie will take everything in his stride and enjoy life to the full. Lilford Animal Welfare, can not thank everyone enough for their kind, caring, generosity. Lots of love, licks and kisses to all those special people out there for their healing wishes. Charlie Farley Superstar xxx

As you will see from the pictures all those good healing wishes are making their way here and arriving in the thousands.

Hopefully if the weather improves, I will get some pics of Charlie and his friends on his walks.


Charlie shortly after his operation

Charlie was involved in a road traffic accident.  He has no identification and is not micro-chipped. For the moment he has been named Charlie and is being looked after by Paula from Lilford Rescue Centre. (more details of Charlie's story)

UPDATE: 10th February 2011: Charlie has now seen the vet again. The ulcer in his remaining eye has almost healed and there is no sign of increased pressure in the eye although he is now suffering from dry eye which is currently being treated with drops. There is also no evidence of any sight being retained in the eye and it may be still be the case that the eye may need to be removed should it prove to be a permanent cause of pain for him.

Charlie Needs a HomeLancashire Heeler Charlie loves a cuddle

Charlie has now been in the care of a foster home (Lilford Rescue) for 28 days and, despite efforts by all agencies, his owner has not come forward to claim him. A forever home is therefore now a priority for Charlie. He has adapted well to his new surroundings and, although sightless, negotiates his current home with carer Paula very well. He gets on well with other bitches and a neutered male but (true to his Lancashire Heeler DNA!) is now starting to flex his muscles with the only entire male in his company! Paula feels that he would be best suited to a home where, if there is another dog, it is a bitch or has been neutered. It is estimated that he is about 7 years old and he is described as a relaxed companion befitting his years. One of the latest pictures, shown here Charlie is recovering well but still needs treatmentdemonstrates his love of a cuddle and he is clearly willing to give and take affection in equal quantities!

UPDATE: 7th February 2011: The response to our appeal has been wonderful and all involved would like to thank everyone for their help. Many of you have donated in what we know are difficult times, many more have spread the word amongst their email contacts and Facebook friends to widen the appeal. Donations have been received form Finland, Germany, Sweden, Holland and as far afield as the USA - as well as all over the UK. The appeal will remain open until Charlie has been re-homed.

Charlie is now recovering well As you can see from the pictures on this page Charlie has made excellent progress.

Charlie has already demonstrated an ability to adapt to his new situation. Looking at the pictures you can also see what a very handsome Lancashire Heeler Charlie is. His coat has a glossy sheen and he also has lovely tipped ears (a beautiful feature in our breed).

Charlie has made new friends




The 28 day wait period has now expired and an adoptive home is sought. We are, therefore, still appealing on 3 fronts for Charlie:




1. The costs of treatment in this case are substantial. If you can help with a donation, however small, please use the donate facility on this page to do so.

All proceeds from this collection will go to the Leigh Rescue facility who have given so much to help him thus far. You can pay via paypal or credit card using this method.

2. If you can offer a home to Charlie please contact the rescue centre via the Dogs Lost link or Email Jacky direct. If you have concerns about adopting a blind dog and what that may entail we can also put you in touch with several owners who have experience in coping with that situation. You may be surprised at how well some dogs adjust to their loss of sight and Charlie gives every indication of being one of them.Charlie recovering well in his comfy bed

3. Both the above needs can be helped by SPREADING THE WORD! If you have a Facebook page please use the like button above to share this appeal. Make use of your status to post a link. If you have a website please post a link to this page. If you are on chat groups and forums post and ask for cross posts. The more people that hear about Charlie the more chance we have of finding a home for him and helping his present benefactors for their kindness.

This is an unusual occurrence. This is the first time in 5 years I have used an appeal of this nature. Funding for this amount of veterinary care for a stray Heeler is far from normal and I am most impressed by the Leigh Rescue who take in all breeds and, indeed, all manner of animals. Charlie is a very lucky boy, strange as that may seem to say.

I will post an update on Charlie after he has been back to see the vet later this week.

Best Wishes