Lancashire Heeler Charlie

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Special Appeal on behalf of Charlie Lancashire Heeler Charlie needs helpUPDATE: Donations £670!

Can I just say a very big thank you to all the 'Heeler' owners who have responded to the plight of 'Charlie' the little chappie who was injured in Leigh and who's plight was picked up so quickly by this site.

Thank you! Debbie Gaynor x

Thank you Debbie though it's not the site... thanks to Jacky Cutler "Can we just stop talking about this lad Jan and just do a donate button or something...." (Facebook) - and to ALL who have done something...amazing effort in the times we're in....but he still needs a home!


Latest Update on Charlie

Dogs Lost have a Lancashire Heeler on their 'found' page who has been involved in a road traffic accident.  He has no identification and is not microchipped. For the moment he has been named Charlie.

I have spoken to his carer this evening (Saturday 29th) to ask what we can do to help. As he has damage to both eyes, he has been referred to a specialist ophthalmologist vet. Due to trauma he has already had his right eye removed. The 3rd eyelid in his left eye has been sutured and the good news is that the ulcer in the right eye is 95% healed, although the eye remains cloudy and it is unlikely that any sight will be retained.

There is certainly trauma to both eyes, due to the accident, although the opthalmologist could not rule out any other congenital issues due to the damage now present. There is no doubt that Charlie has been through an incredible ordeal and at the outset was in a lot of pain. He is now on painkillers, and all appropriate medication, and is progressing well medically. To give you some idea of the care and attention being afforded him I can tell you that he is living in the home of one of his carers who is very impressed with his character. She describes Charlie as a typical Lancashire Heeler character with a lot to say for himself! He is a friendly, dear little chap who has stolen the heart of his carers.

It is due to the character of the individuals at the animal welfare organisation in Lilford, Lancashire, that this little man has been given enough resources to survive. It would be easy to say that the money in this case could have benefitted many other dogs. Every effort has been made to find Charlie's owner via internet and local newspaper appeals and by contacting breed club representatives in the area, without success. There is no doubt that all involved have this dogs best interest at heart. After 28 days an adoptive home will be sought We are, therefore, appealing on 3 fronts for Charlie:

1. The costs of treatment in this case are substantial. If you can help with a donation, however small, please use the donate facility on this page to do so.

All proceeds from this collection will go to the Lilford Rescue facility who have given so much to help him thus far. You can pay via paypal or credit card using this method.

2. If you can offer a home to Charlie please contact the rescue centre via the Dogs Lost link or Email Jacky Cutler direct. If you have concerns about adopting a blind dog and what that may entail we can also put you in touch with several owners who have experience in coping with that situation. You may be surprised at how well some dogs adjust to their loss of sight and Charlie gives every indication of being one of them.

3. Both the above needs can be helped by SPREADING THE WORD! If you have a facebook page please use the like button above to share this appeal. Make use of your status to post a link. If you have a website please post a link to this page. If you are on chat groups and forums post and ask for crossposts. The more people that hear about Charlie the more chance we have of finding a home for him and helping his present benefactors for their kindness.

This is an unusual occurrence. This is the first time in 5 years I have used an appeal of this nature. Funding for this amount of veterinary care for a stray Heeler is far from normal and I am most impressed by the Leigh Rescue who take in all breeds and, indeed, all manner of animals. Charlie is a very lucky boy, strange as that may seem to say.

I will post an update on Charlie after he has been back to see the vet in 7-10 days time.

Best Wishes


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