The Lancashire Heeler Welfare Fund represented by Monty who was re-homed in 2015

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Dogs Needing Homes 
Contact Jacky on 07771 743138, or Bill on 07480180937 if you wish to register your interest in dogs that we are asked to help or you need help or advice on re-homing a Heeler.

30th September
Rex and Rebel, Lancashire Heelers needing homes September 2016Rex (male) and Rebel (female) are friendly and healthy 8 year olds,needing homes because, sadly, their owner has died.  They are both vaccinated up to date and micro-chipped.
Neither is neutered at present. They are fine with children over 7, travel well, sleep in a cage, vocal with other dogs (aren't they all!). Not used to cats. We would be looking for a home together, preferably where someone is around most of the time and where they will still get a reasonable amount of exercise.
Any offers of help help to Jacky please (07771 743138)

22nd July
We have a 13 year old male Heeler coming in to rescue due to his owner, unfortunately, dying.  Affectionately named Grumpy we have no further information until we have a chance to assess him.  Please contact us if you can possibly help.
Jacky (07771 743138), and Bill  (07480180937)

Jasper, Lancashire Heeler needing a home April 2016

15th July
Jasper went to his new forever home today. Great news for a very deserving boy.

7th July
Update: We are still looking for a home for a very deserving Jasper...Can you help?

9th April

Jasper. 10 year old castrated male, cannot live with other dogs. Would love a home with an older person/couple where he can just mooch around and have a few nice walks, followed by a snooze in a cosy bed. Very affectionate little chap. If you can help phone Jacky 07771 743138 , or Bill on 07480180937.


6th March

Lancashire Heeler Piper is looking for a home
Piper needs a home

Piper, four year old bitch looking for a home - coming in for assessment. Takes a while to get to know people and dogs - used to cats and older children if they are well behaved and introduced carefully. Bit feisty when she meets dogs if she's on the lead. If you can help phone Jacky 07771 743138 , or Bill on 07480180937. GOOD NEWS!! Piper is now happily in her new home!


1st March

Lancashire Heeler Jasper is looking for a home
Jasper needs a home
Jasper, 10 year old castrated male, not good with other dogs, coming in for assessment. Needs a home with no children and preferably someone who can give him plenty of exercise. If you can help phone Jacky 07771 743138, or Bill on 07480180937.


We were recently asked to find a home for Sally, an older bitch who had been a kennel dog.  She was lucky enough to be snapped up by owners of one of our other oldies Jackie, who they lost last year.  

Update: Winter our Spanish bitch has now gone to a new home and settled very well with a younger Heeler male.

After an appeal on Facebook we have managed to raise enough money to bring a young black and tan bitch to the UK who has been stuck in a rescue shelter in Spain for three years.  This means the Welfare Fund has not had to pay the full cost from our funds as people have been very generous in their support.  Winter should be arriving in the UK shortly after having all her vaccinations and pet passport sorted.  We have an offer of a possible home for her once she has been assessed.

After a quiet few months we have had two dogs needing new homes in just a week!  One seven year old dog Monty (also known as Muttley!) was in need of an urgent new home as his owner had passed away.  Fortunately one of our previous rescue dog owners saw this, and as she had lost Jasper a short while ago she enquired about Monty, and has agreed to take him on.  Thanks Karen, hope it all works out well for you and Muttley.  Monty's picture is on our Rescue Success Stories page.


Lancashire Heeler Male in need of a homeMONTY 2 REHOMED!  Now happiIy settied into his new home. 


I went to visit Monty yesterday. He is five years old, castrated and very beautiful! Not the biggest, but very nice. He has the blackest of coats in fabulous condition with some white on his chest, tipped ears and a lovely nature. He walks without a lead round the village and lives with a cat. He is fine off the lead with most(!) dogs but if one gives him the eye he will go back at it. Now for the downside - depending on whether you think it is a downside! He is very very active - so much so that its almost OCD, especially with a football, which he will play with non stop, with extremely good ball skills and will manoeuvre the ball with his shoulder to stop it going out of the gate and amusing himself non stop . He needs a lot of exercise and attention and the current owner is in poor health and just finding his constant need for playing and exercise too much, and he is not getting as much as he needs, which makes him more demanding. He would be ideal for someone who either walks a lot or does agility, and flyball would be right up his street. If you know of anyone looking for an active dog to join their family (ok with older kids but a bit too much for young ones) please get in touch. He will be coming in to us in a couple of weeks.


REHOMED! BIue now has a fabuIous new home where he has settIed in very weII, going to work with his new owner and having acres of space right outside his back gate.

We have recently taken in a three year old castrated male Heeler who is now looking for a new home.  Although he is very affectionate and loyal with the people he knows, he does take a little time to get used to new people, and would prefer a household where there are not lots of people coming and going, as he gets worried by meeting strangers.  He shows no signs whatsoever of aggression, he just gets worried if he doesn't know somebody.  After a short while he is happy to sit on your lap for a fuss, and there would need to be someone around most of the time as he has not been used to being on his own.  He is fine with other dogs, but the big 'no no' is cats - he cannot live where there is a cat as he does not respect their need to live peacefully alongside him! He walks well on the lead and is good off the lead in a safe area.  He is microchipped and vaccinated.   He is at present in our kennels and if anyone is interested in meeting him please get in touch.  We anticipate that it might take a couple of meetings for him to get used to someone new, or maybe a short home visit could be arranged in the first instance, but it will be well worth the trouble taken to get his confidence.  Photos to follow later this week.  Contact Jacky on 07771 743138.


Lancashire Heeler Male in need of a homeBeautiful 4 year old Lancashire Heeler in need of a home

* UPDATE: Alfie the lovely four year old has been offered a new home and has gone to live with his new family.  Good luck Alfie, hope it all works out for you.  


A young (just four year old) castrated male is unfortunately looking for a new home.  He is very affectionate, fine with bitches but would be better as an only male, ok with cats and cattle but cannot be trusted around sheep, and as his owners live in a rural situation where he is constantly surrounded by them it makes life very difficult for all concerned.  He needs an active home where he will get a fair amount of exercise which he is used to, he is obedience and agility trained to a basic level, used to travelling and would suit someone home most of the time or who could take him around with them.  If you think he might fit into your lifestyle please contact Jacky on 07771 743138  *


Home needed for this quiet elderley ladyHome needed for this lady.  Good with people and dogs

* UPDATE: Wonderful news - this lovely old lady has now been given a wonderful retirement home living with another Heeler and she has settled in very well. 

12 Year old spayed bitch now being fostered with me - good with people and dogs * Ideal companion for someone who wants a quiet dog for company * Please contact Jacky on 07771 743138 if you are interested * Good news, think we have found someone who is going to offer this little old lady a home *


On 20th April we held our Companion Dog Show at the home of Anne Bowes to raise funds for the Welfare Fund.  Thanks to everyone who supported us and especially to Anne for the use of her place. 

We still have some 2014 Calendars left in aid of Welfare at a very reasonable cost of £5 plus p & p - see the advert.

 Thanks to everyone who donated to the Welfare Fund instead of sending Christmas cards this year - anyone on facebook in the Heeler Friends Too group had a special Christmas Greetings thread where for a small donation through this page to the Welfare they could wish their friends a Merry Christmas and save on cards and postage!  We will be doing the same again this year so make your Christmas greetings count!