Lancashire Heeler Welfare Fund Summer Update

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Lancashire Heeler Dennis now has a new forever home

In the last Quarter we have been involved with the rehoming of eight dogs. Pud, Libby, Fudge, Abbey, Scamp, Shane, Dennis, Harry.

Pud was an eight year old male who did not get on with the bitches in his household, and after a short stay in our kennels he has gone to be an only dog where there are three generations of one family with someone around all the time.


Lancashire Heeler Libby

Libby belonged to an elderly lady who was finding it difficult to cope with exercising her and she had put on quite a bit of weight. Fortunately we soon found her a home with an experienced Heeler owner who does a lot of walking, so she is now enjoying a lot more exercise and will soon be back to her former shape.

Fudge and Reuben

Libby and Fudge, Lancashire Heelers in new homes this year

Fudge was living with a family whose circumstances had changed and she was having to be left a lot which was upsetting her. Within hours of getting the call to help rehome her, we had another call from someone who had lost one and their other dog was feeling very lonely.

Coincidentally Fudge had been bred by the same breeder as their current dog, and when they met they got on like a house on fire and Fudge is now enjoying lots of attention and walks with Reuben.

Abbey with Mavis

Lancashire Heeler Mavis

Abbey was taken in as a stray by the Dog Warden. We offered our help in finding her a home if she was not claimed, and after her seven days were up she was signed over to us. A friend of mine had recently lost a Heeler I bred, and she came to see Abbey and fell in love with her. We had her DNA tested and she came back as a carrier. She then went to live with Mavis and her other two dogs and is now enjoying a wonderful life going off camping at weekends.

Scamp's elderly owner sadly passed away, and we took him in to find him a new owner. He was with us for a few weeks, and because of his breeding we had him DNA and eye tested and fortunately he was clear. He has now gone to live on a smallholding where he gets to go and help look after the animals and shares his life with a Schipperke bitch. 


Lancashire Heeler Shane

Shane was bought by a disabled lady who lived in a flat and could not cope with his boisterous nature. He was taken in and fostered for us by Caz and Kim for a few weeks, and came to the kennels on the day of our Companion Show. A lovely but lively chap, he was with us for a few weeks and we also had him DNA tested for PLL as we felt there might be some Jack Russell in him and they can also suffer from this condition. Pleased to say that he has now gone to live with a lovely couple and a cat and so far seems to be doing very well.


Harry 2

Dennis and Harry were living with a lady whose circumstances had changed greatly, and were having to be left for long hours. As there was no immediate urgency to rehome them, the owner was happy to keep them till homes were found. There was an added complication as not only were they ten and eleven, but Dennis was blind and we did not think it would be easy to find a home for him. However with the help of the Oldies Club website we had two offers of homes for Dennis, the first with hours of him being advertised! As the owner wanted them both to go at the same time if possible, we waited till we had an offer of a home for Harry and made arrangements for them to meet their new families which went really well, and then for them to join them at the same time.

Jacky Cutler