Aasum Lancashire Heelers

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 Aasum Lancashire Heelers USA

I became interested in the Lancashire Heeler at the urging of Eeva Maija Lehtinen in 1999.  In 2007 I started to search for my first heelers and finally in 2010 I was able to purchase my first heelers.  I have a partner in this endeavor, Patricia Lindberg.  We live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.  Pat lives in Salem and I live in Jefferson, Oregon.

It is our goal to work diligently to get the Lancashire Heeler recognised in the USA and Canada.  We have finished the first titles on our foundation stock and are looking forward to being able to show in Canada as well. 

Our stock is health tested for PLL and CEA.  It is important that the dogs we produce are healthy,  excellent representatives of the breed and that they conform to the standard of perfection.  Our dogs are our house pets as well as our working dogs.  We take full responsibility for any animals we produce and will gladly take them back should the need arise.

We love the little Lancashire Heeler.  We want to ensure that the breed will continue to be in the USA and that many others can enjoy this wonderful little dog.   

Our first heelers are Int'l Ch Mt Brook Atomic Betty At Round Hound (Bette) and Int'l Ch Mt Brook Architect At Round Hound (Dij).  They are both PLL and CEA Clear. 

From Bette came our first Aasum puppies.  We have Aasum Atomic Gnat, Aasum Atomic JitterBug, Aasum Atomic Dragonfly and Aasum Atomic Lightening Bug.  Their sire is Int'l Ch Doddsline Trever, PLL & CEA clear.  

Because there are so few breeders in North America, the gene pool here is extremely small.  There are a few males, one in Canada and one in Florida and another in Texas that I'm aware of.   We would like to import a great male from europe to be able to further this breeds existance here in the USA.  We are 2000 miles minimum from any of these dogs so having some outside bloodlines here in our home would be wonderful.  If there is a great male that is PLL & CEA clear that would like a show career as well as make history for the breed in the USA and Canada we would love to talk to you. 

The first time a Lancashire Heeler has been in competition in conformation at an AKC show!
July 2011

Asum Atomic Gnat , The first time a Lancashire Heeler has been in competition in conformation at an AKC show

Pictured above is Dana Wellock with American Kennel Club licensed judge Harriette Borsuch

Here is the Group I win photo of Aasum Atomic Gnat at the Stumptown Cluster, Portland Kennel Club 4-6 month puppy match. Even though it was only a match, we will work hard to get them recognised so it will be for AKC Ch points!

Pat Lindberg and I are very proud of her.

Dana Wellock