Stahlskyttens Lancashire Heelers

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Ståhlskyttens Lancashire Heelers

We aim to raise healthy, typical dogs with good temperament. Our purpose is to only breed litters to improve the breed and matings are planned accordingly. Although we breed primarily for ourselves, we generally keep no more than one puppy from a litter and siblings are then offered for sale to good homes. We always look for the best possible owners for our much loved puppies.

All dogs we breed from are healthy and DNA tested free or from DNA clear parents for CRD and PLL.

I have been a Lancashire Heeler owner since 2004 and I just love this breed. I've had three litters so far. My studdog is Simonsville Ethan and my girls are from Mongrel's Kennels.


Bella and Amber


Veronika Ståhl lives on a farm in Munkedal, Sweden where she breeds Lancashire Heelers, riding ponies and guinea pigs.

Veronika has been breeding dogs since 1989 when she began with a litter of German Shepherds.

Veronika has competed and / or trained tracking, searching, reporting, protection, guarding, agility, obedience, show and herding.