Limebrooks Lancashire Heelers

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Limebrooks Lancashire Heelers

Susanne Nilsson

Susanne Nilsson is the Chairwoman of the Swedish Lancashire Heeler Club 

Susanne has been breeding Lancashire Heelers for many years under the Limebrooks affix and is well known internationally.

Visit the Swedish Lancashire Heeler Club website and Susanne's own site with many pictures of Lancashire Heelers from Limebrooks Kennels.

Information, pictures and articles wanted



Susanne is interested in lancashire Heelers used for herding and other farm work. If you have any information on this
please contact Susanne



Limebrook´s Summer Sunbeam
Limebrook´s Summer Sunbeam
  • Limebrook´s Summer Sunbeam
  • Bruno, Limebrook's Morning Cocoa
  • Limebrook's Morning Champagne
    She has two BOBs and two BOS and also 4 CCs.
  • Limebrook's Night Siren, owner F Nimrodsson Sweden.
  • Hilda, Swanndale Black Baroness, a Swedish Champion.
    Black Baroness is the mother of both Night Siren and Morning Champagne