Seven Hills Lancashire Heelers

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Seven Hills Lancashire Heelers

We are Frans and frida de Jong and we live in the Netherlands.
We are the proud owners of a few alpacas, a horse, sheep, Australian Cattle Dogs and since 2008 Lancashire Heelers.
We are breeding Australian Cattle Dogs for sixteen years.
But on August 28, 2008 Frans his dream came true.
Procordia's One and Only (phoebe) was born. Ten weeks later Frans picked her up in Norway, he was so happy with his own, little liver & tan girl.
We were so surprised by her affection and happiness that we start looking for a second Lancashire Heeler, and that was Axa's Ada of Rivendell (Elvis).
He is keeping us company since December 2009.
Finally, Bellsmond Apache Dawn (Kate) arrived in May 2010.
For us it is a perfect couple.
The pictures are no show photo's but made in the meadow while they are playing.
As you can see, our Alpacas find them very interesting.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Frans & Frida

* The first regulatory litter born in the Netherlands! *

The first Lancashire Heeler in the Netherlands registered under Netherlands LHC rules and the first registered liver and tan puppies

July 27, 2012
Axa's Ada or Rivendell (Elvis) and Procordia's One and Only (Phoebe) became the proud parents of 4 beautiful puppies.
1 beautiful Black and Tan male
2 beautiful Liver and Tan males.
And 1 amazing Liver and Tan bitch.

This is the first litter that is bred according to the rules of the Dutch Lancashire Heeler Club.
And also the first registered Liver and Tan puppies.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments and congratulations.

kind regards,
Frans & Frida de Jong
Lancashire Heeler Kennel
''Of The Seven Hills Country''

Seven Hills Lancashire Heelers Photo Gallery

  • Seven Hills Gallery: (Axa's Ada Of Rivendell) Elvis
    (Axa's Ada of Rivendell) Elvis
  • Seven Hills Gallery: (Bellsmond Apache Dawn) Kate & Alpaca's
    (Bellsmond Apache Dawn) Kate & Alpaca's
  • Seven Hills Gallery: Elvis,Kate And Phoebe
    Elvis,Kate And Phoebe
  • Seven Hills Gallery: Kate
  • Seven Hills Gallery: Kate (Bellsmond Apache Dawn)
    Kate (Bellsmond Apache Dawn)
  • Seven Hills Gallery: Kate Wants To Work
    Kate Wants To Work
  • Seven Hills Gallery: Playtime
  • Seven Hills Gallery: Procordia's One And Only (Phoebe)
    Procordia's One And Only (Phoebe)
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