Clogmills Lancashire Heelers, Holland

Clogmills Lancashire Heelers

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Clogmills Lancashire Heelers

Hi, we are Astrid and Jean Paul. We live in the South of the Netherlands. A few years ago we visited Crufts and saw the Lancashire Heeler for the first time. It was love at first sight. In 2009 we got our first Heeler fromTracy at Traqdean Kennels. We called her Dotty. We have a lot of fun with her. We go on walks with other Heeler enthusiasts and joined the Cow Herder Dog Association. Since November 2009 the breed is also recognized by the Dutch Kennel Club and so we also started showing Dotty. She has already won several Dutch titels like Dutch Youth Champion, Youth Winster 2010 and Winster 2010 and several C.C.'s. We also showed her at some English shows and she qualified herself for Crufts 2011 and 2012.

Of course the bug is unstoppable by now and on 27th July 2010 our second Heeler Blossom was born at Traqdean Kennels. We picked her up in September 2010. The two girls get along very well and on this page we will keep you informed of all their antics in the Netherlands. We hope to show Dotty again on Crufts 2011 and to show both of them in August at Paignton. We hope to meet a lot of other Heeler owners when we come over. We are really curious about the people behind the dogs and stories we read on internet and the community site. See for more information our website

Dotty european Winster


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Clogmills Mrs Pawkins  BOB 9th in Group Dogshow Waalwijk


Beach fun 01st of may 2011

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Easter dogshow 25th of april

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Crufts 2011


Wednesday 9 March we started our journey by car and ferry to Crufts 2011. Thank God we made it through customs at Calais. Our papers were in order but you never know when the "experts" take a look at them. We made it to our friend in West Malling, Kent and had a nice evening and night there. The next day we took our and our friends dogs for a nice long walk across the hills and generally enjoyed a quiet day.

Friday it was time to leave for Crufts. We left West Malling round about six o'clock in the morning (sometimes you might consider another hobby). We promised to meet up with the breeder and some other friends at the showring in Birmingham at 7 o´clock. We made the deadline nice on time but where was everybody else ?

At eight o´clock they finally showed up. They had stopped for a cup of coffee on the way and forgotten the time!

Around us it started to get quite busy with Heelers. At home we normally see about two Heelers at a show but to see this number of Heelers was great. We to get ready for showing Dotty.

She was really calm and unimpressed. She looked as if she was taking a walk in the park. Nice to see at least one of us was relaxed like that. A little bit of extra practise and off we went. We entered Dotty in the limit class. She really did her best and showed really good but unfortunaly was not placed.

After showing Dotty we had time to meet up with old and new Heeler friends. At the end of the day we were able to put a lot more faces to names we only knew from the computer. Some people could not be there because of their work but we hope to meet them in the future. We brougt some Dutch treats like `stroopwafels` and cheese of course. We also brought some traditional clogs to give to our friends. Tradition can be a fun thing!

All in all in was a great experience and thanks to everybody for making it such a great day. We will definately be there again for Crufts 2012!


And after the show she went to her favourite field


15 January 2011

Blossoms first show Our baby Blossom is 5 1/2 months now and we thought it was about time to see if she liked to show herself of at a local clubmatch in Waalwijk. We arrived early and after settling in with all our stuff, we explored the hall and the showring. Blossom was a bit shy at first with all these new impresssions but when she realized that there were other dogs to play with she started to enjoy herself. Ofcourse her confidence was helped by the fact that her "big sister" Dotty was also there to give her moral support and show her how its done.

Around 10 o'clock it was Blossoms turn to strutt her stuff for the judge Mr. Oats. He was really nice and liked our pretty Lanci. The judge gave her a terrific report. Excellent on all counts. After Blossom it was Dotty's turn but she was so busy coaching her "little sister" that she didn't show so well. Still she also received an excellent report so both our girls made it through to the next round.

We had to wait until 3 o'clock for the final judging but with a lot of attention from visitors and a nice big bone the girls made it through the day. Blossoms final judging was a "battle" between 17 babies competing for 10 places. The suspense was killing us but....Blossom made it to 9th place! She got a beautifull cup. Dotty was placed 8th in her pasterol group of 30! and not only received a cup but also an extra price for becoming youth champion. Tired but very content we went back home. Now we can get ready for our next show because it looks like Blossom is ready to strutt her stuff some more:).