Lancashire Heeler Stud Wall

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Lancashire Heeler Dogs Available For Stud - STUD WALL

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The above dogs have been identified as being available for stud by their owner on the Lancashire Heeler Pedigree Database

This service is provided free to breeders to help widen the Lancashire Heeler gene pool and promote a healthy breed. For free registration and the ability to add your stud dogs to this list visit the Lancashire Heeler Pedigree Database

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***Please note that regulations and custom and practice differ between countries. It is up to the enquirer to independently ensure that any breeder satisfies all their requirements before making any commitment to use a dog at stud, that relevant health tests are undertaken and that details entered on the database are correct and supported by any required documentation. Neither this site nor accept any liability for missing or erroneous information appearing on the database or for any decision made in respect of data / information contained in either database or websites.***