Lancashire Heeler Puppies

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Lancashire Heeler Puppy Development

Please bear in mind that Lancashire Heeler puppies (as with all babies!) vary greatly and grow and mature at different rates!

The early stages of development of a Lancashire Heeler Puppy

Stage 1 - Newborn Lancashire Heeler - 0 to 2 weeks

Newborn Lancashire Heeler, photo by Lucia Dunlopnewborn Lancashire Heeler puppy, photo by Eeva Teräväinen

At Birth

At birth the puppy is blind and deaf. The puppy can, however, crawl forwards a little allowing him to suckle. Much like a human baby he is unable to regulate his own temperature so he sticks close to mum and siblings for warmth.

Lancashire Heeler puppy at 11 days old, photo by Judy McCarthy

11 days old

He already has a keen sense of smell. The eyes generally open between 10 and fourteen days old

Stage 2 - Toddler Lancashire Heeler - 2 to 4 weeks

3 weeks and 4weeks old

Lancashire Heeler Puppy aged 3 weeks, photo by Judy McCarthyLancashire Heeler puppy 4 weeks old, photo Judy McCarthy

Puppy's eyesight and hearing continue to develop and he starts to interact with everything around him, discovering his new world. He learns to crawl further, to stand and walk like any other toddler. He is already interacting with mum and siblings and a gentle interaction with humans should now have begun.

Stage 3 - Infant Lancashire Heeler - 4 to 8 weeks

Lancashire Heeler puppy 5 and a half weeks old, photo by Judy McCarthyLancashire Heeler 6 weeks old, photo by Lucia Dunlop

6 weeks old

Socialisation is a key part of this stage as puppy learns the rules of hierarchy from mum and siblings. Mum will chastise and coach him and he will play and wrestle with siblings. Human socialisation is vital at this stage. Play biting can soon escalate into agression and should be discouraged. Puppy should become used to strange noises like vacuum cleaners. Week 8 is the earliest time a reputable breeder will part with a puppy.

Stage 4 - Juvenile Lancashire Heeler - 8 to 12 weeks

Lancashire Heeler puppy 9 weeks old, photo Judy McCarthy, photo Judy McCarthyLancashire Heeler puppies aged 9 weeks.  Play fighting should be monitored, photo Judy McCarthy

9 weeks old

Puppy is now quite a handful as he explores his new home and chews to aid his teething on anything he can get his paws on.

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Judy McCarthy
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