Breeding Lancashire Heelers

What you should know about using your Lancashire Heeler at stud

- Article by Jacky Cutler


You may have been asked or thought about allowing your dog to be used at stud, but are not sure how to go about it.  Often breeders are looking for dogs of different bloodlines or with specific breed points such as size, colour or ear/tail carriage to help to increase the very small gene pool we have in Heelers.  They should have a good knowledge of your dog’s pedigree as well as that of their bitch, to ensure that the lines will complement each other.   

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Lancashire Heeler Litter Of Puppies

This article about Lancashire Heeler breeding is aimed at owners of bitches mainly, as it is unlikely that many people would want to use a male on their bitch unless it was successful in the show ring, or from unusual bloodlines.

Breeding From Your Lancashire Heeler

Always go back to your original breeder to ask advice about Lancashire Heeler breeding as they will know their lines, and which dogs would suit their particular Lancashire Heeler breeding.

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How I Raise & Train My Puppies 

How old should puppies be before they can be trained?

Most people think they must be at least eight weeks old. Puppies do learn well at eight weeks old, however, I start training my puppies at birth. That really sounds absurd, doesn’t it? How can puppies learn when they don’t even have their eyes open? I find it much easier to start training them at birth than if I waited until they are older.

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