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Traqdean Lancashire Heelers

Tracy St Clair Pearce was the owner of Traqdean Kennels and had been breeding Lancashire Heelers for 14 years and Rottweilers for 20 years.
Tracy was the first Chairman of The Lancashire Heeler Association , a member of the Lancashire Heeler Community Welfare Network and a well respected name in the wider Heeler community.

Traqdean enjoyed much success in the show ring and Tracy was always willing to share her knowledge and experience with others on subjects from behavioural training, health and breeding best practice etc.

Although Tracy St Clair Pearce sadly lost her battle with cancer in October 2011, we have left this page up as a tribute to her and all the wonderful Traqdean dogs she bred. It was maintained by her and I have left her words unaltered.
Her own website, again as Tracy left it can also be found here:
Visit Traqdean Lancashire Heelers Website


Lancashire Heeler, Champion Traqdean Vidaloca Florence ShCM is the bitch breed record holder

"Just a few photos of happy contented Lancashire Heelers living in our home with us and our Rotts."

We are very proud that Champion Traqdean Vidaloca Florence ShCM is the bitch record holder on twenty Challenge Certificates and thats mainly after having her two beautiful litters for me. Plus being Top Lancashire Heeler 2008 and joint Top Lancashire Heeler 2009 (Dog World). She is of course co-owned and adored by Sarah Whybrow and me. TO DATE FLORENCE STILL HOLDS THE RECORD FOR THE FIRST BITCH TO HOLD20 CCs.

Traqdean Flowin Micky RCC, Top Lancashire Heeler Sire 2009 (Our Dogs) because his son Traqdean Grems Ilya with Sarcasha RCC is Top Lancashire Heeler Puppy 2009 (Our Dogs). He is co-owned by me and Sarah Whybrow.

Also l am equally proud of my first Finnish Champion Traqdean Jazz di Kimi owned by Eija Kansanaho.

and Dutch Champions Traqdean de Dotty goes Dutch and Traqdean dee Van Blossom both owned by Astrid van Zijl, and helped by her partner John Paul.

Jazz Mustang Sally Traqdean (Imp)Plus all my little heelers out there giving brilliant companionship and love to their families, bringing a smile to everyones faces every day, which is what a heeler does best. Tracy



Left, one of those firsts that makes a day extra special - Jazz Mustang Sally Traqdean (Imp) awarded her 3rd CC from Marie Stevens at Paignton making her the first Champion Lancashire Heeler import. Jazz and I enjoyed every minute. What a wonderful day to remember with so many friends around me.




Darlington 2011 Judge Richard Kinsey

1st PD Bellsmond Dancing Shadow in Traqdean . Best Puppy ( My last show )


PAIGNTON DOG SHOW 2011 Judge Mrs M Stevens

1st Junior Dog and Res. Dog CC TRAQDEAN TROOPIN WILSON co-owned with D Howes


2nd Puppy Bitch TRAQDEAN D'UNICE

1st Open Bitch, and Bitch CC JAZZ MUSTANG SALLY TRAQDEAN (fin.imp) - Her 3rd CC making Jazz the first Lancashire Heeler Champion Import.


WINDSOR DOG SHOW 2011 Judge Mr John Scragg

1st Puppy Dog and Best Puppy TRAQDEAN TROOPIN WILSON co-owned with D Howes

1st Limit Dog, Reserve Best Dog TRAQDEAN MIDLOPS MOVIE TOTO

1st Limit Bitch and Best Bitch and Best of Breed JAZZ MUSTANG SALLY TRAQDEAN (fin.imp)



1st Puppy Dog TRAQDEAN TROOPIN WILSON co-owned with Dawn Howes

1st Limit Dog TRAQDEAN MIDLOPS MOVIE TOTO, Dog CC (his second)..............

2nd Limit Dog TRAQDEAN QU OSWALD owned by Sophie Sheldon, Reserve CC



1st LB and her 2nd Bitch CC JAZZ MUSTANG SALLY TRAQDEAN (finnish import)

1st PD and Best Puppy TRAQDEAN TROOPIN WILSON co-owned with Dawn Howes


The Boys results for 2010

TRAQDEAN O'FRANKLIN .... (1/1/09) first shown this year he has done the following to date.

Southern Counties Ch. Show Judge. Robin Newhouse. 1st Junior Dog. RCC

Windsor Ch. Show Judge. Frank Kane. 1st Junior Dog. Reserve Best Dog

City of Birmingham Ch. Show. Judge Steve Hall . 1st PG Dog. DCC and Best of Breed.

'never thought l would find a dog to beat my BCC for BOB but l was wrong l thought him of quality particularly in type, l do not think l need to say more than that, movement and outline was super.CC &BOB.'

TRAQDEAN MIDLOPS MOVIE TOTO .. (25/10/09) Bred by Lucia Dunlop out of 2 of my heelers.(Traqdean Daph's Gibbs/ Traqdean Livin Sybilia)

Southern Counties Ch. Show ....Judge Robin Newhouse ...1st Puppy Dog and Best Puppy

East of England Ch. Show ... Judge Richard Kinsey .... 1st Junior Dog and Best Puppy

Paignton Ch. Show ...Judge Kevin Young ... 1st PD. Reserve Challenge Cert and Best Puppy

City of Birmingham Ch. Show .. Judge Steve Hall ......1st Puppy Dog and Best Puppy

Richmond Ch. Show ... ..Judge Fereleith Somerfield ...1st PD. D.Ch. Cert. and Best Puppy

Darlington Ch. Show .. Judge Keith Baldwin .... 1st Puppy Dog and Best Puppy

Driffield Ch. Show .. Judge Sandra Zilstra- Shaw ... 1st Puppy Dog and Best Puppy (this is his 7th award for Best Puppy which put him in the lead for 2010.

Confirmed..... TOP LANCASHIRE HEELER PUPPY FOR 2010 (Our Dogs)

and TOP PASTORAL PUPPY FOR 2010 (Our Dogs)

How lucky am l?!!

Traqdean Lancashire Heeler Gallery

  • Chinook
  • Count The Heelers
    Count The Heelers
  • Barley The Rott With Yeti And Micky
    Barley The Rott With Yeti And Micky
  • Didi
  • Flower
  • Harry- Tapatina Heeza Feela In Traqdean
    Harry- Tapatina Heeza Feela In Traqdean
  • Hector Being Mobbed
    Hector Being Mobbed
  • TOTO Top Lancashire Heeler Puppy 2010
    TOTO Top Lancashire Heeler Puppy 2010
  • Traqdean Just Chinook
    Traqdean Just Chinook
  • Traqdean Midlops Movie Toto
    Traqdean Midlops Movie Toto
  • Traqdean O Franklin
    Traqdean O Franklin
  • Traqdean Troopin Lola
    Traqdean Troopin Lola
  • Aero and Micky
  • Traqdean Flowin Micky RCC
  • Ch. T Vidaloca Florence 12 CC
  • Florence and Didi
  • Didi, Heelstone Abbi Traqdean RCC
  • Jazz Mustang Sally Traqdean (Finnish Import)
  • Micky the Plank
  • Hector the Rott has to wait his turn!
  • A kitchen full of Lancashire Heelers!
  • Do Lancashire Heelers get on with cats?
  • Florence - she was soon to deliver 5 pups!
  • Florence playing with some of her 6 week old pups
  • Traqdean Qu Odette at 7 months
  • Stop at our Brook for a wallow and drink
  • Big and small black and tans
  • Spot the working Heelers
  • 9 week old Alfred, (Traqdean Qu Odin)
  • 'Alfred' doing his cute bit - comes naturally!
  • 'Murphy' Traqdean Flowin Michael in a rare motionless second
  • Traqdean Kizzies Daphne
  • Traqdean Winkis Axel
  • CH Traqdean Vidaloca Florence who took the bitch CC, RBIS, BOS,BB at the LHC May 06 show and was made a champion at Driffield
  • Florence with 2 of her 4 week old pups out of Nordic, Swedish, Finish Ch Mongrels Outlaw Oliver
  • Hector the rott and heelers Charlie and Michael
  • Rott bitch Zsa Zsa and Lankeela Midsummer Michael Traqdean
  • Group of Traqdean heelers attempting to sleep on top of Rott bitch Thandi
  • Two heelers perched on a cushion on top of Zsa Zsa a Traqdean Rott
  • Traqdean Heeler headcount!
  • Traqdean Kizzies Daphne
  • Lankeela Midsummer Michael Traqdean on Rott bitch Zsa Zsa
  • Traqdean Jaunty Niquita with a week old litter
  • Niquita, play time with her 5 five week old pups by Michael
  • Rott pup bitch Thandi using Heelstone Abbi Traqdean as a pillow
  • Tia the Rott and Charlie (Grommit Trooper Traqdean)
  • Liver and tan Tonto, then 4 months old (Macleay Fimbo Traqdean)
  • Group of Traqdean Heelers
  • Group from left is Traqdean Amazing Yelda (first in Junior bitch at the LHC 06 show; CH Traqdean Vidaloca Florence ( first in LB, took Bitch CC, RBIS, BOS, BB at the LHC May 06 show and received 3rd CC at Driffield);Traqdean Winkis Axel.