Bellsmond Lancashire Heelers

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Bellsmond Lancashire Heelers

Bob and Lynne Bell bred Lancashire Heelers for many years and the affix Bellsmond is well known and well respected in the Lancashire Heeler community.

Sadly, Lynne passed away on 6th April 2011. This page will remain as a tribute to Lynne and her dogs.

Lynne was an experienced CC judge, authorised to give tickets in the breed. Enthusiasts, exhibitors and breeders - Bob and Lynne also exported a number of dogs, notably to Finland where they have had a great deal of success in the show ring. Best Puppy and Best Puppy Bitch at Crufts 2011 was BELLSMOND Seneca, bred by Bob and Lynne and owned by Jenny Grant-Parkes

I last spoke to Lynne only 2 weeks before she died, her latest litter was then 4 weeks old and, as usual, she was very excited about the promise they showed. The litter had only one little girl in its midst and this is going to the loving home of Dick Koster and family in Holland. She will be called Lynne in her honour.

Lynne had many friends in the Heeler community and without doubt Bellsmond have given the Lancashire Heeler Breed a lasting legacy.

Jan Jones

3rd September 2012Bob Bell, photo courtesy of Jasmine Bell

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns. Little more than 12 months after the passing of Lynne, the Lancashire Heeler world has lost a friend in Bob Bell. A devoted husband and grandfather, Bob has been a constant source of support to friends and the wider Lancashire Heeler Community. His sad passing on 28th August will be felt by many visiting these pages as the end of an era.

Bob with granddaughter Jasmine


Bob was a very private individual. A family man first and foremost, delighting in the company of granddaughter Jasmine and son and daughter-in-law Jamie and Jackie.

Bob and Lynne at one of their happiest days...jamie and Jackie's wedding



Bob's devotion to his wife Lynne is well known to all that knew him. Whilst all are devastated to learn of the sad news of his death there is some solace in knowing that he is now re-united with Lynne and able to share in the conversation and company he has missed for so long.

Bob and LynneBob will be laid to rest with Lynne in the beautiful and tranquil setting of Ham Down at Shillingstone - place that Bob and Lynne chose together.

Whilst this is truly the end of an era, in terms of Bellsmond Lancashire Heelers, Bob and Lynne have bequested a lasting legacy to the Lancashire Heeler community by way of their friendship and support. More than that their legacy to the Lancashire Heeler breed, in terms of first class Heelers with unrivalled temperaments and good health at the heart of their breeding programme, they set an example to us all. Bob and Lynne will be sorely missed but undoubtedly never forgotten.

Photographs of Bob and Lynne courtesy of Jasmine Bell, Jackie Bell & Roz England

Lynne Bell with much loved Lancashire Heeler puppy

13th June 2011

Bellsmond latest litter

Dam: Rosanyos Painted (Lady)

Sire: Bellsmond Arapaho (Jackson)

Born: 6th March 2011


Lynne Bell

Lynne Bell with Bellsmond Arapaho

Lynne Bell with Tapatina Warlord
Lynne Bell with IndyI first got to know Lynne six years ago, almost to the day, when Jacky emailed me with Lynne and Bob´s phone number, saying they were expecting a litter I was sure to be interested in. It was Sunday night, and I phoned Lynne right away. We talked for a long time, and as a result, not just one, but two little Bellsmond boys, Warpaint and Painted Brave, flew to Helsinki in July.
Since then, many more Bellsmonds have found a loving home in Finland. They have, every single one of them, been wonderful Heeler personalities, but apart from that, have also done extremely well in shows, many of them having become Champions, and have also left an important mark on Finnish Heeler breeding.
The latest Bellsmonds to have been added to our Heeler population are B. Lyokha and young B. Arapaho, "Jackson", whose six young pups will soon be going to their new homes in England and Holland, quite possibly being the last litter of Bellsmond Lancashire Heelers. I hope the owners will treasure and appreciate these puppies, they are very special. Lynne will be remembered through her dogs, but also because of her kindness, honesty and loyalty as a friend. - Marjukka


Photographs of Lynne courtesy of Jessica Flanagan, Eeva Teräväinen and Marjukka Mäkinen