Minnispitts Lancashire Heelers

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Minnispitts Lancashire Heelers

We currently have no puppies and no litters planned.

We have a 10 acre small holding and also use a further 20 acres breeding pure Swaledale sheep from our 40 ewes. Bill's (Rosepip Beau Nash) main job is 'penning' and pushing the sheep through the 'race' (a penning gate) when we are dosing and drenching (worming) or helping to load the sheep onto trailers. He is not the most stylish of workers, he has his own methods and is unlikely to win any trophies but we get the jobs done. He is a working dog through and through and clearly enjoys it.

Betty (Jnanas Tegeirian) is our house pet although she too shows a strong working instinct, just not as robust as Bill. Betty is very obedient, biddable and very, very easy to live with. In the evening her preference is to return to the kennels with Bill and our other working animals.

The dogs are well trained, well socialised - and have a sound temperament.

I have kept working terriers for more than 25 years (not white ones) and I now have the same appreciation of the Heeler. I do not show the dogs. It was the historical working background and its future working abilities that continue to appeal to me. As always I breed to improve the physical condition of my animals and breed out genetic faults. For that reason I adhere to all required health tests. When working animals health comes first. The perpetuation of its sound physical and mental capabilities are uppermost in my mind and that includes temperament.

New Lancashire Heeler Litter at Minnispitts

Dam: Jnanas Tegeirian (Betty) - PLL Carrier

Sire: Rosepip Beau Nash (Bill) - PLL Clear

Betty has recently produced her first litter. The puppies have been reared on a natural meat, bone and water diet with a complete high protein ration always available also. They are exercised thrice daily around our fields and then spend hours basking in any available sun. They are also well socialised due and thanks to my 3 children!

August 2011

All puppies have now gone to their new homes. Sadly Bill passed away due to a rare heart tumour a short while ago. Betty in true Heeler form has 'stepped up to the plate' to continue his work. She also continues to be playmate and mum to the puppy bitch we are keeping from the litter. Bill's son, Bill Bach, is living on a dairy farm close to us and we hope to get regular updates from him.