Icaray Lancashire Heelers

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Icaray Lancashire Heelers

About Icaray Lancashire Heelers

We occasionally breed a litter with health and temperament at the forefront of any mating decisions and are very proud of our home reared puppies.

Our family have had Lancashire Heelers since the mid 1980s, and we had our first 2 Lancashire Heelers Icaray Amazing Amos is an energetic little chap(bred one each by my mother and sister) in 1991. When these passed away, there were no Lancashire Heeler puppies being bred in the family, so over time we acquired 2 bitches from Tracy St Clair Pearce, which led us to our first experiments with showing and breeding - which we will continue on an occasional basis.

We have a 10 acre smallholding near Monmouth, and the dogs live with us in the house, though cats, horses, sheep, pigs and poultry all live outside!

We have Traqdean Bouncing Carmen, who is now a pet, and Traqdean Startling Quinta who we have been showing and had a litter in 2010. From that litter, we are keeping Icaray Amazing Amanda for showing and breeding, my mother has Icaray Amazing Amelia, and Icaray Amazing Amos is currently for sale. Icaray amazing Amos has already experienced a great deal of training and socialisation

Icaray Amazing Amos, born 26 May 2010, is a lovely cheerful energetic chap with bags of character. He is KC registered, has been DNA tested for PLL and is Clear, he is house-reared and wormed. He has a lovely deep tan colouring, has had plenty of socialisation with other dogs, animals, and people (in the pub!), and I am currently working on obedience training with him. Photos attached.

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Pentrewheeler Farm, Cwmcarvan, Nr. MONMOUTH, NP25 4PL, U.K.