Karlton Index Recognition

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The Lancashire Heeler Community and database websites have been recognised as "A notable achievement.." in the breed by The Karlton Index, a progressive measurement system seeking to measure progress in dog health improvement.Lancashire Heeler Karlton Index improvement to 2013

The Lancashire Heeler is one of a number of breeds seeing significant improvement in Karlton Index Scores since 2011.  We would like to thank all contributors to this site for their articles and hard work in working together across a range of activities to provide the resources we have today.  Particular thanks should go to individual owners and breeders providing health information about their dogs that is now shared with the Heeler Community both on this site and on our database. 

The Database now has records for more than 6000 dogs added by individual owners and breeders.  Many thanks go to Jen Walton for industriously adding thousands of dogs, sorting out anomalies and for providing a very active Facebook forum now offering more engagement for all interested in the breed and to Jacky Cutler for her expertise, advice and many hours of input.  Others, too many to mention individually, have given time in testing and providing material from personal collections to help our efforts.  The Lancashire Heeler Association have now commissioned a health survey which will build further on Breed health improvement and can be found here.  This has already attracted almost 100 submissions -  50% more than the previous survey undertaken.  The survey is still ongoing.  Full details of the Karlton Index initiative and the full report can be found on the Karlton Index Website.

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