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Many people have contributed to the site whether that be, via recent surveys, feedback over the past few years, articles, photographs and anecdotes. As always there are far too many to mention all of them here, I am extremely grateful to everyone for contributing over the past 12 years.

Our Iconic Masthead Lancashire Heeler Picture

Our masthead / background picture of the Heelers on a dry stone wall was taken by Rodney Smith and features 5 dogs owned by Joan Huck.  The site picture has been digitally adjusted to give the illusion of more dogs.

A number of people have asked about the dogs in the picture. In answer to this Joan has written to say:

"Two of them were brothers for which I have the original  Lancashire Heeler Club registration cards for.
They were Cockleith Fergi & Cockleith Podge and were born on the 15-9-86  Sire & Dam  was Tarlton Tex & Laneside Matilda and were bred by a Miss C Stewart Mills. They were never registered with the KC which was such a shame as they were two nice dogs and never had any eye problems and could possibly have helped to widen our gene pool.

The other dogs are Doddsline Crafty Lad at Leyeside, Patterjo Elfin Ears and Leyeside Little Annie which is the pup in the middle of the picture who is now eleven years old."

I am very grateful to Joan and Rodney for allowing me to use this picture, and others from their collection on the site.

Lancashire Heeler drawings

Eeva-Maija Lehtinen originally provided drawings to Kathie Kidd for for her First and Second Books of The Lancashire Heeler. I have always been taken with them as they seem to capture the amusing character of the dog. I consider it a privilege to be able to use the drawings on the site.