Lancashire Heeler Database

The Lancashire Heeler Database is re-launched.  Almost 7000 pedigrees, new data added daily..

 Lancashire Heeler Database NOW RE-LAUNCHED!!!

Almost 7000 Lancashire Heeler pedigrees

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The Lancashire Heeler was recognised by the KC 30 years ago this month

...The Lancashire Heeler community of 1981 celebrated recognition of the Lancashire Heeler as a pedigree breed. This was no mean feat although Lancashire Heelers had been seen across the UK for many years.
Pat Taylor (Tapatina) tells of her grandparents keeping Heelers which have never been out of her life (at least early 1900s). Enid Lord (Foxthyme) tells similar stories having received her own first Heeler, Jack, as a Christmas / birthday present in 1957.

A pivitol point in our breed occurred in the 1960s when Lancashire Heelers gained in popularity.
Gwen Mackintosh took Lancashire Heelers into her heart and home and began to breed them for friends and family. Others soon became involved this time, notably Kathie Kidd, who ultimately did much to promote the breed through her books etc. These early years brought about a sea change in Heeler history as the pioneering breeders of that time began work together with the common goal of achieving breed recognition. In some way the breeders of the era found time to communicate, formulate an initial breed standard and make representation to The Kennel Club to establish a new pedigree breed. In those days telephones were viewed a luxury and there was no internet or mobile 'phones at all! Face to face communication was the order of the day - a lesson for our times maybe!

Build the Lancashire Heeler Family Tree

We now have many new Lancashire Heeler owners, breeders, and enthusiasts who regularly contribute on line and who are getting more involved with showing their dogs and socialising at fun days, Heeler walks etc. Agility and obedience trials are also becoming much more popular. I regularly receive requests for information on owners' pedigrees, breeders of the past etc and after starting the voluntary eye register was asked whether it would be possible to add sires and dams also. The growing numbers involved have made that too difficult in its current format. Following repeated requests I put on line a database for some months to allow this. Despite some technical setbacks this has now been re-launched and data is being added to continue the project.

The database is independently provided for the entire Lancashire Heeler community and will provide an ongoing, growing history of the breed.