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'Meerkat Manner' - A Lancashire Heeler Breed Trait

Lancashire Heeler Molla, an International Meerkat whatever the weather!  Owner Marjo KullbergWhat is it about Lancashire Heelers that makes them different from other breeds? This is a recurring question to editors of this site and the answer given varies, of course from person to person and also from day to day depending upon what our four legged friends have been doing that day! Healthy, energetic and very intelligent the Lancashire Heeler has a range of antics and traits that begin by endearing and then overwhelming a casual observer as it becomes clear that the character is irresistable. There are also some unmistakable character traits as described on a number of pages on this site and not only the famous smile.

Here we highlight a less well known but regularly occurring trait - The Meerkat impersonation. A regular occurring stance of the Heeler and one that captivated Peter Jones and led him to get his first Lancashire Heeler, Pip. On visiting a farm in Staffordshire his first sight of the breed was to see a bitch and her puppies outside in the farm grounds. The bitch, he recalls had an incredibly feminine head and stood upright like a Meerkat. He had visited the farm in the course of his job...he came home with Pip - one of the puppies.

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Janice Jones

Meerkat Manner Photo Gallery

  • Lancashire Heeler Ponny owned by Gitte Johannessen
    "Ponny" (Ch. Harmony Way's Little Big Man) in his scouting position - on his hindlegs. He uses this to sniff into the air, when he thinks there might be something interesting - like a deer or moose - nearby.
  • Lancashire Heeler Ponny owned by Gitte Johannessen
    Here's my dog "Ponny" (Ch Harmony Way's Little Big Man) doing a meercat "sit stay", which he can hold for endless amounts of time - if he thinks there is something to gain. Which it always is, in form av a treat or a ball, since nobody can resist him doing this! He has two versions of this; this is the one where he supports himself by the tail, so it's a bit kangaroo inspired...
  • Lancashire Heeler Tango owned by Jacky Cutler
  • Lancashire Heeler Muska owned by Anna Kulmakorpi, Finland
  • Lancashire Heeler Raika owned by Sanne Scholte, Netherlands
  • Lancashire Heeler Lily owned by Jackie Cartledge
  • Lancashire Heeler Maya( Bellsmond Princess Myheels) owned by Tiina Sundholm, Finland
  • Lancashire Heeler Smilla owned by Kerstin Weber, Germany
  • Lancashire Heeler Columbo owned by Elaine Syrett
  • Lancashire Heeler Grace owned by David Rennie
  • Lancashire Heeler Molla owned by Marjo Kullberg, Finland



Latest Meerkat impersonators from around the world.  Full details in the gallery!

A Meerkat?...Seemples!

Lancashire Heeler Columbo demonstrates his Meerkat pose

Columbo strikes a Meerkat pose for owner Elaine Syrett.

...with added Grace

Lancashie Heeler Grace.  A stylish Meerkat

Grace - the Meerkat pirouette
Owner: David Rennie


Muska was 'collared' doing a Meerkat impersonation in the snow

Muska was 'collared' doing a Meerkat impersonation in the snow!
Owner: Anna Kulmakorpi, Finland