Lancashire Heeler Agility Druid

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Druid Flies The Lancashire Heeler Agility Flag In California

Loyal and affectionate to owner...Druid has that part licked!Beverly Morgan Lews lives in Eureka California with her husband, David,and dogs Puck, Fern(Corgis) and Druid (Lancashire Heeler 'Pembrats Tail of the Sorcerer'). Whilst Beverly estimates that there are probably only 100 Lancashire Heelers in the United States, she and Druid are doing a great deal to promote the breed and in the most positive way possible - by showing a dog with a fantastic temperament, loyal to his owner, and with a gutsy attitude to life so typical of our breed. As well as being an AKC Agility Judge, and competing at agility with all 3 of her dogs, Beverly also finds time to attend and provide agility seminars and take part in Obedience Trials with the very successful Puck.

In the first half of this year Druid has also made a television appearance promoting a community show in California and appeared in the Times Standard, Humboldt County, California. He also has a great claim to fame accolade in being the very first Lancashire Heeler in the United States to win an agility award. Still more impressive are the equally joyous faces of Beverly and Druid in whatever activity they undertake, fantastic ambassadors for the Lancashire Heeler.
"Loyal and affectionate to owner..." Druid seems to have that part of the Breed Standard licked!
Photos by kind permission of photographer Jose Quezada
and owner Beverly Morgan Lewis.

Druid's TV appearance

Druid's TV Appearance

Druid, Lancashire Heeler Superstar

Posted by Beverly Morgan LewisMarch 2011


Druid's Agility - Inspirational Agility Videos

Druid's First MACh points run

Druid's First MACh points

Druid got his first MACh points on this run.

Posted by Beverly Morgan Lewis April 2011

Druid in action

Fun, encouragement, fun! Beverly makes this look easy in the videos but as you can see here a lot of work goes into Druid enjoying himself!
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Druid clearly enjoys his agility practice  


Druid weaving his magic
Druid 'weaves' his magic!
Photo by permission David Mills
Druid 'in the frame' for points
Druid 'in the frame' for points
Photo by permission David Mills

Druid and Beverly

Beverly and Druid in perfect harmony"Just watch me Mom, I'll show you what to do..."
Photo by permission Jose Quezada

  • Lancashire Heeler Druid 'weaves' his magic
  • Lancashire Heeler Druid 'in the frame' for points
  • Fun, love and hard work - as secret recipe for success!