Agility Activities And Work For Lancashire Heelers

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Agility, activities and work for Lancashire Heelers

NEWS for all Lancshire Heeler owners interested in agility and Lancashire Heeler Activities!

Jess Flanagan (Trapsyke Lancashire Heelers) has started a Facebook Discussion Group for Lancashire Heeler Agility and more. Most of the contributors to these web pages are members and the discussion is helpful, friendly and lively. Contact me by email if you'd like to be added to the group. Or send me a facebook message by finding me via this facebook link.

Lancashire Heelers make ideal agility dogs

Lancashire Heelers are intelligent, full of energy and ideal for activity, work and competition as well as making wonderful companions. Strong and agile, , the agility arena offers a great opportunity for a dog to use up excess energy. Be under no illusions, the discipline and training required for these events are no mean feat but there is no doubt that they provide great fun and entertainment for Lancashire Heelers, their handlers, and a captivated audience.

First steps to Lancashire Heeler agility and more

If you are thinking of starting out in agility or other activities there are some good tips on the Kennel Club website. Links to their most relevant pages are given on the bottom left of this page.

Hogan The Lancashire Heeler is one of the most active Lancashire Heelers we know. Here he is seen in his latest adventure with Flyball:

Hogan. a very active Lancashire Heeler

More Lancashire Heeler Agility Stars

Lancashire Heeler Thistle




Trapsyke Lancashire Heelers do agilty and more

Clive, (Telpoolwyn Extra Special)




Clive, (Telpoolwyn Extra Special) is owned by Carol Johnson. As well as agility, Clive also has a distinction award in heel work to music.





Lancashire Heeler Firkin, A clear round that was unbeatable!



Firkin (Simonsville Casper) after his first major win at Wigton, Cumbria Kennel Club agility show. The only clear round and winning his class in Grade 1 Agility. Mum Joy Fairbairn describes him as a Pocket Rocket!

Lancashire Heeler Firkin clears the A frame