Kathie Kidd with her Lancashire Heelers and Corgis

Kathie Kidd

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In all that she did Kathie's enjoyment of her dogs was crystal clear and succinctly summed up in her well known sign off phrase from her column, "Happy Heelering"!

kathie kidd

"If you lose your history you lose your identity." - Kathie Kidd

Kathie Kidd with her  Pembroke Corgis and Lancashire Heelers

One of the first names that newcomers to the breed of the Lancashire Heeler become familiar with is that of Kathie Kidd primarily because she, together with Eeva Maija Lehtinen, bequeathed to us the two most definitive and comprehensive books about the Lancashire Heeler as well as Kathie’s lesser known ‘Practical Dog Dictionary’.  Perhaps this is understandable given that seven years have now elapsed since Kathie’s death on 17th March 2005, aged 71 years.  Anyone owning a Lancashire Heeler prior to that date, however, would testify to the major impact that this gentlewoman had on a breed that she took to her heart alongside her beloved Pembroke Corgis.Acremead Biscuit of Kalo was BOB in the first year that Lancashire Heelers had their own classes at Crufts

In 1988 Kathie’s Acremead Biscuit of Kalo, known affectionately as Jackie, was Best of Breed from the first Lancashire Heeler classes to be scheduled at Crufts. Jackie was owned in partnership with Kathie’s late mother Barbara, and bred by the late Gwen Mackintosh, a former President of the Lancashire Heeler Club, whose enthusiasm for the breed was instrumental in helping gain Kennel Club breed recognition.

Kathie was a former Chairman of the Lancashire Heeler Club, and held several positions on the Committee over the years.

During much research I have been privileged to be given access to photographs and notebooks that Kathie bequeathed to her good friend Sarah Whybrow.  Lankeela Fly by Night to Kalo was to be Kathie's last Lancashire HeelerKathie also entrusted Sarah with her last remaining Heeler, Fly (Lankeela Fly by Night to Kalo bred by Jacky Cutler).  Fly continues to live out a genteel retirement with Sarah and her family.  What is evident from this material is the boundless energy and passion for the breed that this lady possessed. Kathie’s knowledge of the breed and its history had a sound basis in her extensive knowledge of dogs in general and was expanded by means of copious research which included her willingness to seek out conversations anyone with knowledge or experience of the breed.

An experienced and valued judge, it was unsurprising that in 1991 Kathie was asked to judge Heelers at the Crufts Centenary show.

From her books and published articles to her Newsletter items in both the LHC and East of England LHC where she provided 'Kathie's Column', her writings themselves form part of the History of the breed - fitting as she once wrote that “If you lose your history, you lose your identity”.

Kathie Kidd with her mother Barbara and one of her Lancashire HeelersFor several years Kathie was the Lancashire Heeler Breed Correspondent for ‘Our Dogs’ newspaper**.  Her breed notes were full of information about the unfolding history of this newly recognised pedigree dog and themselves chronicle important milestones as they happened and provide an insight into Kathie’s identity.  Her focus on health, openness and putting the dog and breed first may no longer seem revolutionary but her influence in these areas 15 years ago would have been considerable.

In her personal life her dogs were a fundamental source of Only the best china for a Lancashire Heeler!enjoyment. Her picnics were legendary with her friends and Sarah recalls that they always included good china that even the Heelers enjoyed!

In all that she did Kathie's enjoyment of her dogs was crystal clear and succinctly summed up in her well known sign off phrase from her column, "Happy Heelering"!


**Some of Kathie’s breed notes appear on this site with the very kind permission of Our Dogs Newspaper together with articles from various publications, again with their permission as indicated.  Many and grateful thanks go to Sarah Whybrow for her willingness to share such a wonderful breed archive.

Kathie wrote two books about the Lancashire Heeler and also published her 'Practical Dog Dictionary'


Kathie Kidd's First Book of The Lancashire Heeler is no longer available, however, Sarah Whybrow does still have a limited number of copies of The Second Book available. For details contact Sarah.