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Questions relating to the Lancashire Heeler puppy.

Frequently asked questions about a Lancashire Heeler puppy

Costs of a Kennel Club registered Lancashire Heeler puppy art typically around £600 - £800 depending on area, pedigree, health tests and any success of parents in the show ring.

Some breeders have charged £1000 plus for a puppy of show quality. Remember that puppies do take time to mature and suitability for showing is not truly evidenced for some months which is why breeders that show their Lancashire Heelers will often 'run on' a puppy for some months before deciding whether to keep one for the show ring.  It is possible, however to see more easily when a puppy will be a winner in the show ring much earlier.  If you plan to purchase a Lancashire Heeler puppy for the show ring be sure to discuss this with your breeder to ensure they are aware of your intention.  A good breeder will ensure they help you choose wisely as it is in their interests to have good quality puppies in the show ring. 

The costs quoted are for KC REGISTERED Lancashire Heeler puppies.  Unregistered puppies will be considerably less as 1. they cannot be shown and 2. they cannot be bred with pedigree dogs to deliver fully registered offspring.

on Monday, November 26 2018

Take time to do your homework before you buy a Lancashire Heeler puppy.  

Talk to as many people as you can, breeders and pet owners.  There is a very active Facebook Group (Lancashire Heeler World) with many breeders and enthusiasts that will be very happy to help you. 
Go along to a few shows and see the breed in action. Someone on the group will always be going to the next show or Heeler event and will be willing to meet you and introduce you to Lancashire Heelers and owners alike.

Always see the puppy with its mum if possible from about 4 weeks old and ask about the dad too.

Make sure both parents have been screened for Primary Len Luxation (dogs effected go blind from about 4 years old) Ask to see the paper work for screening and ask for copies of this paper work and also KC registration details especially if you wish to show your dog or breed. Any good breeder will provide all this information with out fuss. If in doubt don't buy the puppy!

 Tell the breeder exactly what sort of home you can provide and what you are looking for in a puppy.  A good breeder will ask you as many questions as you do of them.

You can find more information in this article: Finding A Lancashire Heeler Puppy.

on Monday, November 26 2018