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Lancashire Heeler Association

The new Lancashire Heeler Club UK, The Lancashire Heeler Association

The Lancashire Heeler Association is a new Lancashire Heeler club for the UK!

24th April 2012

Good news! We now have a new, officially recognised Lancashire Heeler Club!  The Kennel Club have today confirmed that they have approved the Lancashire Heeler Association as a Kennel Club Registered Breed Club.

This is an outstanding achievement for a committee and its member supporters in less than a year of existence.

Until her tragic death in October 2011, the club was led by its chairman Miss Tracy St Clair Pearce whose wish was to see the Association become a KC recognised Lancashire Heeler Club. A long known supporter of rare breeds, Miss St Clair Pearce campaigned strongly for health and the dogs themselves to come before any club or owner interest. Under her stewardship the Association has encouraged many newcomers into the breed and supported and sponsored a new breed database enabling owners and breeders to share health and breed information about their dogs, together with pedigrees and photographs. The database now holds over 6500 pedigrees and will eventually be archived to the Kennel Club Library.

The Lancashire Heeler Association has a single criteria for it's activities 'for the dogs'. Already they have staged a number of health focussed events and activities focussed on dog owners and breed supporters to encourage numbers into the breed and to highlight best practice among breeders and owners. More than 50 Lancashire Heelers attended their Fun Day last year. Events are staged each month and the committee make great efforts to ensure that events take place throughout the country.

The next AGM of the  Lancashire Heeler Association will be held in April 2014. Full details can be found on the newly recognised Lancashire Heeler Club's website


The Association has updated its judging list for 2013. Any applicant should contact The Secretary via the website's contact form.

The Lancashire Heeler Community website supports Lancashire Heeler clubs worldwide and wishes the Lancashire Heeler Association every success in continuing its work in the future.

March 2011

A Lancashire Heeler Club with a difference!

The Lancashire Heeler Association goes from strength to strength. Well on the way to our first 100 members, to date we have had events taking place, and planned, just about monthly and throughout the country. Our recent fund raising event even saw members in Europe receiving personal visits en route! Health Seminars and testing, Heeler walks and get togethers, introduction to breed standard and judging, companion shows and more.
You can also join the club online!

Lancashire Heeler Association Fun Day and Companion Show

Visit the new Lancashire Heeler Association website for full report and more.