Lancashire Heeler Hope

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Hope, Diary of a Lancashire Heeler

Who am I?

LAncashire Heeler Hope is willing to share her health experiences with other Lancashire Heeler ownersI am a bitch puppy , who has been diagnosed with congenital narrowing of the respiratory tract, which is causing me to have bouts of irregular breathing.

We have had xrays etc taken and my heart and lungs are fine, although air can sometimes get trapped in the lungs.

Prognosis is it may improve as I grow but it may not, it could even worsen. My life will not be as long as others or as active and I cannot be used for breeding purposes. I can only eat soft food in little amounts, chunky food upsets my breathing. Really I am a bit like a dog with asthma.

I am very well looked after and I am about to start a trial on can follow my progress on my own Facebook diary page. The latest posts are shown here but there is much more on line. Keep up with all my news.

Hope's condition is extremely rare. As in all things if you are at all worried about any symptoms presented by your pets please consult your vet.