Eye Conditions

Health of the Lancashire Heeler - Eye lists

The eye lists that appear here are contributed voluntarily by owners and breeders seeking to promote good health in the Lancashire Heeler.

Results will be accepted from owners / breeders themselves only, unless the information is already in the public domain.

Primary Lens Luxation

The following dogs have undergone DNA / Eye Testing in respect of Primary Lens Luxation: The AHT has an excellent FAQ page to explain what these DNA results mean Whilst care has been taken in the compilation of this list, The Lancashire Heeler Community takes no responsibilty for its accuracy. Prospective buyers and breeders selecting prospective matings should ask for documentary evidence of testing status. Send us your eye test results

This list has now been superceded as The Kennel Club now compiles lists of eye test results undertaken automatically.  Latest dna results for PLL and CEA can be found here on the KC website:

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