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A new look at PLL

Earlier this year I was contacted by Graham who owns a very handsome Lancashire Heeler Laddie (Hotpot Truffle). I subsequently met Graham and Laddie at a show. Laddie has the sunniest, friendliest disposition.

Laddie started showing signs of eye problems 2 years ago. Here Graham talks of his experience of this disease and the pioneering treatment of Lens replacement. Like a number of our contributors, Graham is willing to share his experience with anyone in a similar situation. Please contact me if you'd like to be put in touch.


Hello Janice,

Laddie has had both Lenses replaced with artificial ones. He sees really well with them and so far they are good. He still has some minor inflammation inside the eyes but he continues to have treatment in the form of drops to his eyes. He is due a check up in a months time. He had the procedure done at the Willows referral centre in Solihull, and I cannot recommend them enough, the vets who did the operation are marvellous and really know their subject!Lancashire Heeler Laddie pioneers new Lens replacement treatment

It all started nearly two years ago when he started to have repeated bouts of Uveitis, inflammation in the eyes. This kept flaring up and he was referred by our local vet to the Willows centre. It was around nine months later that they notice the lens Luxation and recommended that surgery should take place sooner rather than later. Both eyes were affected but one was worse than the other. So last year we agreed and he spent a week at the Willows whilst he had the operation and post op recovery. There is no telling how long these artificial lenses will stay in situ but they should last a few years, hopefully! He is still the happy bouncy Laddie we have always known and the operation has not made any negative difference to his quality of life, except extended it! He does exactly the same things.

I have attached a couple of pictures of Laddie. One is a local newspaper article from 2008 when the local theatre were auditioning for dogs for the part of Toto in their wizard of Oz production, before the present tv shows! Unfortunately laddie did not get the part but they say he performed very well and was a joy to audition, and melted a few hearts!  We were not allowed in to the audition rooms for fear of distracting him!

Please feel free to use any of this email for the website if you so wish. By the way, the website is excellent; you are doing a marvellous job!

I would be happy to share my experiences with anyone else

Kind regards

Graham Croucher


If you have a dog who is affected by PLL, or that has been DNA tested as affected, and would like support / advice from others who have experience in this area please contact us.

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Laddie follows Yellow Brick Road!

Laddie auduins for Wizard of Oz Toto Laddie auditioned for the part of Toto in a wizard of Oz production

Unfortunately laddie did not get the part but they say he performed very well and was a joy to audition, and melted a few hearts!