Poppy disembarks the aircraft and waits patiently before boarding the private coach to Pet Haven

Thursday 18th 

NZ 001 takes off from Heathrow at 3.50 pm UK time.

A very long journey for us but it seems much worse sending a pet that has no idea what's happening. I'm looking forward to hearing that Poppy is safely in New Zealand. meanwhile I keep watch on the flight and track her all the way!

Saturday 20th

Finally, just before 7 am NZ time, Poppy lands in New Zealand.  Animals are unloaded as priority and Poppy's private coach from Pet Haven is there to meet her and take her on the 45 minute journey to their facility in the Mangatawhiri Valley where she will stay for 10 days.

As soon as she gets back she is given food, fresh water and is allowed out into her private 'room'.  Just after 10 am I receive an email from Robyn at Pet Haven telling me that Poppy is safe if a little 'dumbstruck'.  Apparently it is not unusual to be quiet and dazed after the journey.

Two hours later Robyn sends me pictures (see above) of Poppy's arrival.  She is now more comfortable out of the traveling crate and has been given the bed and toy that I sent together with one of my jumpers that I left when I visited Pet Haven a couple of weeks ago.

Sunday 21st

An update from Pet Haven to tell me that Poppy is eating well and seems more settled today.  Just a few days now before I can bring her home to start a new life in Middle Earth.  Lots of new experiences to come.

Thank you Pet Haven!

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Lancashire Heeler Charlie's Big Adventure

Here's Charlie's big adventure wot he wrote!

Read Charlie's tale, sent in by dad, Alan Walton.

As well as being adventurous, and having a wicked sense of humour, Charlie is a very handsome Lancashire Heeler. Although only lightly shown Charlie (Telpoolwyn Yushua bred by Tony Powell) was placed 1st in Junior Dog at Crufts 2010 and is qualified for Crufts 2011.

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Lancashire Heeler Laddie is Wizard Actor! - well almost!

Laddie (Hotpot Truffle) is a very handsome Lancashire Heeler . I met owner Graham, his family, and Laddie at a show this year.

Laddie has the sunniest, friendliest disposition.

Laddie has pioneered lens replacement as a treatment for PLL. Graham is willing to share his experience with anyone in a similar situation. Please contact me if you'd like to be put in touch.

Graham sent me details of Laddie's audition for the part of Toto in The Wizard of OZ:

"This is from a local newspaper article from 2008 when the local theatre were auditioning for dogs for the part of Toto in their wizard of Oz production, before the present tv shows! Unfortunately laddie did not get the part but they say he performed very well and was a joy to audition, and melted a few hearts!  We were not allowed in to the audition rooms for fear of distracting him!"

Laddie on stage with actress Natalie Burt

The article is reproduced and printed courtesy of the Northampton Chronicle & Echo. I am very grateful to them and to Graham for this story.



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Poppy's New Zealand Diary

Poppy is already well traveled in the UK and Europe but now has started her biggest adventure yet as she emigrates to North Island, New Zealand. It has been a long trip, almost 12000 miles.Regular updates and pictures will appear here with headlines from Poppy herself, via her iBone, and explanatory notes from mum, Jan.
Penny is still at home in the UK and is about to start another European tour with dad, Pete.  

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