Lancashire Heeler Genie

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Lancashire Heeler Genie....once hurt a heeler is twice as much loved!

Genie - a truly magical Lancashire Heeler has enchanted owner Roz England!

Update on Genie - January 2011

Lancashire Heeler Genie has enchanted owner Roz

We got Genie (Bellsmond Moonshine) from breeders Bob and Lynne Bell in Dorset 18 months ago. She was eight months old with a damaged ear (she is the only one and a half eared heeler I know), so Bob and Lynn couldn't show her and she needed a good home. She was a nervous dog and really distressed to leave the kennel and her friends and family. It's taken a long time to bring her out of herself, but she has definitely settled into our family and is hugely loved - especially as she has finally stopped being car sick! She's happy and confident and we wouldn't be without her. We're hoping to take her down to see Bob and Lynn soon and wonder what she'll do when she sees Lynn - probably squeal for an hour!

Note: Along with many of those in the Lancashire Heeler community we send Lynn every good wish for continuously improving health in the weeks to come.

Lancashire Heeler Genie

At 9 months old Genie came from Lynne Bell at Bellsmond in late June.  Her left ear was badly damaged in an accident, so she can’t be shown, hence the late call for a home for her.  We stepped up, having been searching the south of England for a bitch and had just had had a setback when a puppy we’d put our names down for died at 12 days old.  I must contact Tracy at Traqdean to thank her for putting us in touch with Lynn.

 So, here she is, in all her one and a half eared glory.  She’s a gorgeous girl and has stepped from the kennels to a very domestic environment without too much stress (I’d be lying if I said it we hadn’t had a few challenges along the way as we all adjust – what part of “off” don’t they understand when they’re sitting on your bed?).  We’re still working on the car phobia she has – boy is she ill when she travels.  That aside, she gets more confident and jolly each day and she’s well and truly loved by us.

Training classes start next week and we’re hoping for a litter when the time is right.  We will keep you posted.

 Wish us luck, and well done with the website, which has been a great deal of help as we’ve searched for information about this brilliant breed. 

 Kind regards



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