Is My Dog a Lancashire Heeler

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Is My Dog a Lancashire Heeler?

- Maybe it's a Lancashire Heeler cross?

We get a number of enquiries asking whether a website visitor's dog could possibly be a Lancashire Heeler. Prior to registration in 1981, record keeping was erratic. Even now there are a number of 'purebred' unregistered Lancashire Heelers and it is difficult to be categoric even where size and markings are 'show perfect'. Colour variants exist with Lancashire Heelers as with all breeds and it is virtually impossible to judge on appearance whether your dogs antecedents are Heeler in origin. The only way to find out if your dog is a Lancashire Heeler is via a DNA test and for that reason we don't enter into personal correspondence on this question.

Given the number of enquiries, however, it only seems fair that we should provide a page for the pictures that you have kindly sent. Lancashire Heeler crosses make great pets and we know of a good number of Lancashire Heeler Jack Russell crosses that are very popular in their own right. Whatever the reality if you have a pet with the smallest part Lancashire Heeler you are indeed blessed! Just bear in mind that without registration papers any opinion is guesswork at best!

Here is a very special gallery. Honorary Lancashire Heelers all.

Feel free to send in your pictures.

Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?

  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Baxter
    13 years ago we were given a dog, Baxter, our first dog actually. We had no idea what kind of breed he was, as we and many others had never seen a dog like that. A lot of people joked that he was a cross between a Rottweiler (because of his colouring) and Sausage dog (due to his longer body and short legs). We laughed it off and just assumed that he really was a "pavement special". A couple of years later we picked up a dog book that had a dog in it that looked exactly like Baxter. We could not believe our eyes. That is when we found out that our beloved Baxter is a Heeler. We love Baxter very much but he is now 16 years old and struggles a lot. I know that one day we will have to let him go, which is a very difficult thought as we have never been able to find another friend like Baxter.
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Ben
    This is Ben, who is about 12 years of age. He came from the rescue centre last year. NIGEL ROBERTS We've been wondering what he was- someone told us he was an Australian Terrier but looking at the other pictures on this site i think he is more like a Lancashire Heeler X Jack Russel. He is brilliant- very loyal, affectionate and a delight to have around.
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Bobby
    this is my dog bobby we got him at the rspca and dont know much about him, i don't think he's a pure breed because of this white chest/muzzle and his skinny body.
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Bobby
    this is bobby my 12 dog i don't think he's a full lancashire heeler because he is so slim and has a white chest and muzzle
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Camillo
    Hello! I'm writing from Italy and this is Camillo, an adorable 16 year old dog i adopted last spring from the local shelter. Recently i stumbled upon some Lancashire Heelers' photos and i was amazed by the resemblance between them and my Camillo, could he really have some Heeler blood in him? Zoe
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Pip
    Pip who came from Norfolk just before Christmas. Susan Randles
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Pip
    Here is a picture of Pip, she came to us six weeks ago. Settling in well, although the cats are still beating her up. Loves to go for a walk at 2pm everyday. Still quite clingy, and loves to sleep on the bed. Susan Randles
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Radar
    Hi we rescued a Lancashire Heeler a while ago and was told to visit this website! We finally did and just wanted to let you know what an amazing breed these dogs are! So intelligent and sweet. Radar, our dog, was found dumped along a lake and was fending for himself. He seemed to have been in a couple of fights and was skinny but fit. He had not been neutered and from the way he acted around females made the rescue group the think he was a stud dog previously. The people who had owned him before were clearly unkind to him but he was so loving to us and showed very early signs of intelligence and was soon learning a new trick every day. We also taught him to stand erect on the command of 'attention' and he knows how to speed through an obstacle course, as he looks like a little furry bullet. He has won a dog show or two in our area and is the light of our lives. He knows so many tricks and can jump 2x his own height. I really wanted to let ya'll know that our family greatly appreciates the things you do for the breed as they make wonderful family dogs. We also would like to share a picture of him with you. Thank you and please try to email me back if you can thank you, as we would like to hear what you have to say of our dog. Thanks for what you do!
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Ruby
    we found Ruby [flee bitten stray] in Spain, she was approx 7 months old, very afraid of men, obviously been beaten by one, spanish vet said she was a mixto, she is now 8 years old, she is well travelled, spain, UK, germany, austria, belgium, france, portugal, gibralta, switzeland, serbia, croatia, masadonia, greece, crete, italy, albania, denmark, hungary, slovinia,she is like no other dog we know, she may bark 3 times a year we very rarely need to put her on a lead, no matter where we are, she ignores all other dogs, she is totally loyal and obedient, shes liver and tan but her tail has been docked, we have recently been told by an Itailian boy we met on a ferry from Crete to Venice that she was a lancashire heeler, for 8 years shes been a mixto, please let us know what you think.
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Tillie
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Tillie
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Tillie
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Woody
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Freddie
    IS my Freddie a heeler? He was brought over from Ireland as a irish terrier.- Stephanie Taylor
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Lucy
    Lucy is a rescue dog and like so many here, we'd never even heard of Heelers until we were asked one day if she was one. She has been the most beautiful dog over the last 11 years. In this picture, she's still a youngster - she's much greyer now but still loves climbing! Is she part Heeler? She certainly displays all the behavioural traits you highlight - she does a mean meerkat! Whatever she is, we love her to bits! Andy - and that's what it's all about Andy, she is beautiful! :)
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: ???
    Wow, we've just discovered via your site what the breed of a well-loved pet might be. She is a 'Thalidomide' dog but is the spitting image of the Lancashire Heelers (minus the disabilities / short limbs of course) but is all black and might be a cross breed. What do you think? - Alison Vaughan
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: ???
    We have a lovely natured cross breed dog and as yet have not discovered his origins. Everyone seems to have an opinion; Alsatian, Labrador, Beagle, Corgi, Staffy have all been suggested, What do you think - could he be a Lancashire Heeler cross? He is 9 years old and we got him from Stoke on Trent dogs home at aged 2. He is placid and very good with children and other dogs, a bit greedy and quite stubborn! Someone has asked if he is a Heeler but we think he might be too big and stocky, also his ears are floppy rather than erect. - Joe Ramsbottom
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Jack Russel
    my dear old Dad has what we believe to be a miniature Jack Russell, however whilst out for a walk bumped into a gentleman who owns a Lancashire Heeler, and was adamant that my Dad's Jack Russell is a Lancashire Heeler. I've looked at some of the photos on your website and I'm not so sure it is a Heeler
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: My new puppy!
    is the one in the middle, I think he is a full heeler - Terrie Taylor
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Lilli
    This is Lilli. We recently found her wondering the streets. I've been trying to find out what breed she is and have come to the conclusion she is propably a heeler jack Russell cross. She frequently tries to nip the children by the heels and when we go for a walk she likes to make sure everyone stays together, especially my 4 year old son. We love her very much and feel blessed to have found her! - Eeva Spencer
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Bruno
    I adopted what I thought was a wee sort of corgi/jack russell dog in the early 1990's from the dog home in Glasgow, they estimated he was about 3. He was a lovely wee friendly fellow, hated the cold/loved the heat - often found him UNDER my duvet!! Anyway he passed away about 7 years ago, so must have been about 15 or 16, and it wasn't until I saw the breed on crufts a few years ago I thought he might have been a heeler. Looking at some of the pictures on this site, I am convinced he was, take a look at his picture, what do you think ? I recently lost my other dog, a springer spaniel, and am now dogless for the 1st time in 25 yrs, not made up my mind what to get yet, but looking through this site brings back some great memories, and maybe...... Peter Macmillan
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Reggie
    This is Reggie, I adopted him from a shelter a little over a year ago, they estimated he's around 2 years of age...Everyone ask me what kind of dog he is so I had to do research and finally figured it out...he has all the traits of a lancashire heeler, even the nipping of the bad I live in Florida and not in the country so he can herd caddle but he does pretty well at the pond herding the ducks around..BEST LITTLE DOG EVER!!! - Holly Nelson
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Puppy
    Hiya whilst following the plight of little Ada who you guys are taking from the pound(thankyou) It introduced me to the breed and may explain the mystery breed puppy i am fostering for the Oxford animal sanctuary ..he is 11 weeks old here I wonder if you think he may have Heeler in him..i think JRT x L Heeler many people keep saying German shepard lol but i think hes about as much a German Shepard as i am rich and famous id love to see what you think thanks :) - Penny Acres
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Toby
    My dog Toby was recued 12 years ago, he is now 14 and going strong, cant prove he is a heeler but he fits the picture and behaviour patterns, this is an early photo of him in his youth. Clive Higginson
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Heeler / Jack Russel Cross
    We have an 8 year old what we think is a Jack Russell x Heeler - she has the shape (very small and bent legs), the ears and the tan eye brows. She was sold to us as a Jack Russell :D but we love her all the same Hayley
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Marvel - Tina Kaltschitz-Bramall
    Hello, we come from austria, and this is Marvel. We think she could be a Lancashire Heeler! Marvel came from an animal shelter in Austria. Tina Kaltschitz-Bramall - She has my vote Tina! :)
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Bailey

    Our Bailey was rescued from the pound. We were told he was a corgi mix. It might be easier to see our Bailey's mannerisms from Bailey's You Tube Video. Bailey is adorable and I loved the video

  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Mugsy - Rachelle Giguere
    I can't be sure but my rescue, Mugsy looks alot like a Lancashire Heeler! I found him at a shelter in Washington DC, US. They found him on the street and so I do not have any background on him. He likes to nip heels, herd, rat, and sit up on his hind legs like a meerkat.- Mugsy you are adorable!
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?:
    In June last year I adopted a dog from Dogs Trust, they orriginally thought she was a Chihuahua cross, which she evidently isn't! After some research we felt she may be a Miniature Pinscher Cross but then we came across this site and now wondered if she is a Lancashire Heeler, perhaps crossed with something, as she unfortunately has a docked tail? - Certainly has the look Sarah!
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?:
    I keep getting asked what type of dog he is - I reply jack russell I have been told he might be a heeler can anyone help? - Could be Billy...
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?:
    Reading about the breed, and seeing the pictures, makes me even more convinced he's a heeler, although some parts of his four is white. What do you think? - Anne
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?:
    is he a Lancashire Heeler? - Jeffrey
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Rosie
    Hi. We recently got this little lady (Rosie - see pic) from a rescue home. We thought she was a Dachshund/Jack Russell x-breed, but yesterday my brother-in-law visited and met her for the first time. He reckoned she looks like a Lancashire Heeler (a breed we'd never heard of). Certainly from the Google images we've seen, his reckoning is convincing. Is there any way of telling if our pooch is the real deal or a cross? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks, Terry - A little tall but a cross maybe?
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?:
    Hi everyone! I just want to find out if my dog is also from the breed of lancashire heeler dog.We are from the Philippines, Thanks. - We welcome all honorary Heelers here Romy though the colouring makes it unlikely :)
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Rufus
    Is my Dog A Lancashire Heeler...I don't know :-) But I have my suspicions..This is Rufus! - Jacqueline Franklin
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Bono
    I have sent you the picture of Bono taken at Rowhedge regatta in 2009 aged 15. Thought to be a heeler and apart from the droopy ears certainly looked like one - Elaine Syrett
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Cali
    This is Cali. We saved her just in time from going to a Dog Rescue Centre, at the ripe old age of 6 months (she is 8 months old in pic) - we were told that she was a Staff / JR cross, which was fine with us .... we did think she was a bit long and had the colourings of a Dachshund, so decided that she had a bit of Dachshund in her too. Then a couple of people commented (including someone who used to breed them) that she looked like she could have Lancashire Heeler in her. I would love to know what you think??...I think she's an honorary Heeler Sam - she has enough of the look and clearly knows where she's comfortable and can get the best view.
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: This is Sox
    Jacky Cutler met this stately Heeler whilst visiting her vet
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Millie
    This is Millie, who belongs to Mrs Helen Hogben, she is an excellent rabbiter and can often be found in the hedgerows around the farm.
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Encountered at a show
    Jess Flanagan spotted this little chap at an agility show at Cheltenham Racecourse
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Russ
    Sophie Sheldon has sent in this picture of Russ a Lancashire Heeler X Jack Russel Terrier inspired by the picture of the gorgeous Tilly!
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Tilly
    Beautiful Tilly - Lancashire Heeler or Jack Russel? Proud Owners Paul and Caz Westlake consider themselves fortunate either way....and justifiably so!
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: Hardy
    Recently, we adopted a rescue dog. We were originally told Hardy was a dachsund, beagle, bassett hound mix. Our local vet thinks he may be a lancashire. After checking out the sites, I think they may be right. Mary Jo Herbert
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: 001 Zeplin

    Zeplin is my rescue dog, & I've had him for nearly a year. I'm sending you a photo as someone suggested he may be part Lancashire Heeler x with Jack Russell. He's not quite as stocky but does appear to have the traits. Do hope you can help me.
    Owner: Caroline Scott

  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: 002 Ronald

    Hello my name is Ronald and i live in Sweden. My mother bought our dog in Bosnia 1.5 years ago and we never got to know the name of the breed nor could we see the parents. I stumbled upon a picture on a buy and sell market on the internet and i noticed it looked just like my dog. The dog was a lancashire heeler but i am not certain. I have submited a picture of my dog, can you tell if it is a lancashire heeler? Sincerely Ronald

  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: 003 Lukas

    Hi, we adopted a 3 week old orphan 2 years ago. We have no background information. Walking him a few days ago, someone got very excited about our georgeous Lancashire Heeler. Could Lukas be a heeler? Best regards, Silke Ceruti

  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: 004  Bungee

    Hi I just came across your site and was wondering if you think our dog Bungee is a Lancashire Heeler? We got her from the SSPCA about 7 years ago, we were told she was a Corgi cross. Oh and she the black one in the pic the golden one is her son (she was pregnant when we got her, 1 month on and 7 dog for the price of 1!). Thanks Tracy Watling

  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: 005  Toto
    I have had my dog Toto for 15years now, she is 18 this year. I have always believed her to be a heinz dog but on 2 separate occasions over the past 3 weeks I have been told she is a Lancashire Heeler. She is tan coloured with a white patch on her chest, Toto is a wonderful dog, has the appetite of a horse and is still very active despite her years. She's very loyal to me and misses me terribly when Im not there, and she's an excellent escapologist! I have enclosed a picture of her hope you get it as my computer skills are rubbish to say the least. It would be great if you could tell me what you think. Thank you Allison Shaw.
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: 006
    Hi, I am trying to do some research about our dog to identify her breed, and I came across your site, and wondered if you might be able to help me! We have adopted a beautiful dog who was being mistreated by her owner, and we couldnt be happier, but we were just curious as to her breed. We believe she has Lancashire Heeler in her, but I don't know how to tell if she is a full Heeler, or if she is a Heeler cross? I have attached a picture of her, and if it is not too much trouble, as you seem to know a lot about the breed, I was wondering if you might be able to give me your thoughts? Many thanks, and kind regards, Loren White
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: 007
    My dog is a wonderful little mix, born in the country near my home in Catalunya. She looks so much like a heeler. There is no way on earth that she is a Heeler, but even in the ankle nipping and "rounding up" she's the same. She's a very fast runner and leaps around in the woods. She also has a good nose and is very clever. Has she got the job!!! Thanks for your interest. Pam.
  • Is my dog a Lancashire Heeler?: 008 Jake
    Hoping you can assist me. I was recently found by a stray dog here in NYC that I believe is a Lancashire Heeler but am not sure. Is there anyway of positively identifying his breed. He bares the characteristics of one in every way except that he does have a patch of white on his chest. I have attached a is not the greatest but hope it helps. Sincerely Rachel
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Lancashire Heeler?

Is this puppy a Lancashire heeler?Could this puppy be at least part Lancashire Heeler? Owner Pam says this little one also has a strong herding instinct!