Charlies Big Adventure

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Lancashire Heeler Charlie's Big Adventure

Here's Charlie's big adventure wot he wrote!

Read Charlie's tale, sent in by dad, Alan Walton.

As well as being adventurous, and having a wicked sense of humour, Charlie is a very handsome Lancashire Heeler. Although only lightly shown Charlie (Telpoolwyn Yushua bred by Tony Powell) was placed 1st in Junior Dog at Crufts 2010 and is qualified for Crufts 2011.


Well, what a day! It started much like any other. Mum went to work so I went on the bed with dad and we had a lie in together. Then dad got up, went off to mark his territory in that funny pale blue thing with water in the bottom (he only ever does it there or downstairs in the funny green thing with water in the bottom - never against trees or lampposts - peculiar things, humans). Then he shaved the fur off his face and washed the fur on his head. He never shakes his head to dry it, he always uses one of those towel things that I like to chew. It was only when we went downstairs that things seemed a little bit different.

Handsome Lancashire Heeler, Charlie.  Owner Alan WaltonDad kept telling me that I was going on an adventure today. I've no idea what an adventure is but on the basis that dad seemed a bit excited about it, I got excited too. Especially when he got my collar and harness! We went to the car and dad put me in my cage and gave me a biscuit (he thinks it keeps me quiet for a bit longer - he's not very bright sometimes). I thought we were going to the park or to Saltwells to have our adventure but I soon realized we were going somewhere else. We got there before long and dad told me this was a train station, it looked like a car park to me. We walked for a few minutes and just before we went into a funny sort of building which dad said was the train station, I did a big pooh (dad seemed quite pleased). Well, I've done lots of training but I'd never been anywhere like this before, perhaps it's for more advanced stuff? We went down lots of steps and along a long corridor to a little room where dad bought something called a ticket. Then we walked all the way back along the corridor and back up all the steps. I think dad must have been tired because then he sat down for a while and I waited with him. After a few minutes there was a very loud noise, dad stood up and I saw the most terrifying thing I've ever seen in my life - believe me hoovers have nothing on this. In front of us was a gigantic green and yellow worm, making terrible hissing and clanking noises. Then it opened its mouth and spewed out lots of humans. Before I could work out what was happening it started to suck in more humans and dad was being sucked in too! I didn't want dad to be sucked into the worm so I lay down and wouldn't go anywhere near it. Dad came back to me and said that this was a train and this was our big adventure. I was scared, I don't like adventures but dad picked me up and we both got sucked in just before it closed its mouth again. I was terrified about what would happen next but dad seemed quite calm and sat down next to a window.
After making a loud hooting noise the worm train started moving, very slowly at first but then getting faster and faster and faster and faster. I could see trees and buildings flashing past the window. Then the worm train slowed down and finally stopped, opened its mouth, spat humans out and sucked a few more in. Perhaps adventures weren't so bad after all. Dad seemed to be enjoying it so I felt a bit more relaxed. After stopping and starting a few more times, dad stood up and said "c'mon Charlie, this is our stop". Well, I might have been scared to get on the worm train but when it stopped and opened its mouth I jumped out, pulling dad behind me. Dad said this was another train station but this one was called Werster or something. It was very busy with lots of humans dashing about and all ignoring me, not one stopped to say how cute I was! It was the same outside in the street, it seemed like I had thousands of human ankles to nip at but dad kept me on a very short lead so I couldn't. After a short walk we reached what dad said was the river and I had another pooh.
This was the biggest river I've ever seen, it was awesome! There were lots of boats on it (I've seen boats before on the canal so I know what they look like). There were also some odd creatures which I've never seen before. Well, I think they were creatures because they had long necks and small heads which moved about and sometimes went under the water. Then again they didn't do anything but float about so perhaps they were boats. Dad said they were called swans and they all belong to the queen, whatever that is.

We then had a long walk along the river and dad let me run about on the lead and stop for a good sniff now again. After a long time we went into someone's garden and then into a big house. It must have been some sort of shop because dad was talking to a woman behind a counter. Suddenly she walked right through the counter right next to dad so I snapped at her ankle. She was angry with dad and dad was angry with me but I was only doing my job! She told dad to "take that" outside or she wouldn't serve him. Dad said "c'mon Charlie, let's find a pub with friendly staff". After a few minutes we found a nice garden to rest in and a very kind lady brought dad some beer and a bowl of water for me. I didn't snap at her, I just lay down and had a rest.

We set off walking again back the way we had come and I had another pooh. On the way back to Werster train station we had to wait at some traffic lights before we could cross the road. Dad was watching the traffic but I spotted a treat which was just within reach - a cold chip! I managed to snaffle it before dad realized what I was doing and whilst he shouted at me I know he wasn't really angry, after all I'm a dog (tee hee). When we got to the station we sat on a bench to wait for the worm train and I met a very nice lady who gave me lots of fuss and told me how cute and handsome and well behaved I was. Perhaps Werster isn't so bad after all. Then the worm train arrived and opened its mouth to suck us in. I was still scared but dad picked me up and carried me on. Now that I knew that it would spit us out again and because I was so tired after all the walking, I fell asleep in dad's arms (there wasn't enough room on his lap).

I love my dad. So then we came home and both went to sleep. What an adventure.

P.S. Typed by dad but dictated by Charlie after he woke up.