Lancashire Heeler Advent Competition Winner

Our 2018 Lancashire Heeler Advent Calendar competition has now closed.  The winner is Lyn Fawcett.  Many  congratulations to Lyn.  She has asked that her prize of £25 be donated to the Lancashire Heeler Community Welfare Fund.  Thank you Lyn for that kind gesture. Your donation has been sent today.

Thanks go to Debbie Felstead (Foveaux) for compiling this year's competition and to all who allowed me to use their photographs and articles as bonuses and Christmas 'crackers'.  If anyone has any ideas / would like to come up with 24 questions etc for next year please let me know.  I need a few weeks to plan out and code the calendar so bear that in mind.  October is a good time to plan this!

I hope that you have enjoyed our Lancashire Heeler festive fun.  I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2019.  Happy New Year.


 1  001   +   002   =   Coppercoats
 2  003   +   004   =   Applefire
3 005   +   006   =   Firkinfoot
4 008   +   007   =   Heelhunters
5 009   +   010   =   Limebrooks
6 011   +   012   =   Woodhawk
7 013   +       =   Ganseblume
8 015   +   014   =   Pinpoint
9 016   +   017   =   Clogmills
10  018   +   019   =   Colnestar
11 020   +   Who they gonna call?014   =   Axa
12 021   +  
"All varieties are my favourites!"
  =   Marmalades
13 022   +   023   =   Madincrowd
14 025   +   024   =   Welshmoor
15 026   +   027   =   Brockbrae
16 028   +   029   =   Midsomers
17 031   +   030   =   Tanspots
18 032   +   033   =   Triphazard

034No way, man!!

  +   035   =   Hillstars
20 036   +   037   =   Foxthyme
21 039   +   038   =   Meriack
22 041   +   040   =   Simonsville
23 042   +       =   Se Distinguer
24 040   +   041   =   Heelstone
Lancashire Heeler Advent Calendar

Following the success of last year's Lancashire Heeler Advent Calendar it has been updated with more pictures and a new competition, kindly provided by Debbie Felstead (Foveaux). The competition is a set of clues to Lancashire Heeler affixes.  Make a note of each answer and send in your entries after trying your hand at each of them.  The winner will be the one to answer the most questions correctly and in the event of a tie a tiebreaker question will be used as a decider.  The winner will receive a £25 Amazon voucher.

Remember - No peeking behind the numbers ahead of time!

View Our Lancashire Heeler Advent Calendar


Win a rare copy of The First Book of The Lancashire Heeler!
The Virtual Lancashire Heeler Community Companion Show!!

First Book of The Lancashire Heeler

Kathie Kidd was very knowledgeable about the Lancashire Heeler and did much to promote the breed. She wrote / edited several books, served on a number of canine committees, including The Lancashire Heeler Club, was the Heeler breed correspondent for the canine press and wrote a number of articles that were published in periodicals.

Long before any of us had forseen the impact of the internet Kathie led the way in publicising the breed and encouraging people internationally to share their resources. Both of her red books are highly collectible and contain a wide collection of Lancashire Heeler stories and pictures from Lancashire Heeler breeders and owners worldwide. It was when reading Kathie Kidd's books that I first thought about the idea of the Lancashire Heeler Community, where lovers of the breed can just enjoy and celebrate the ownership of The Lancashire Heeler and promote the breed by sharing experiences of showing, canine sports / working activities, health problems and, above all, celebrating a breed that makes the most wonderful and intelligent pet.


This Lancashire Heeler Puppy is offered as a competition prizeAs a thank-you to all who have supported this site I am giving away , via a free competition, a copy of the much sought after First Book of The Lancashire Heeler, edited by Kathie Kidd. It also feaures the wonderful drawings by Eeva Maija Lehtinen, from Finland, which appear on this site with her kind permission. A further prize is offered in the form of a hand crafted Lancashire Heeler puppy who is currently sitting on my office desk awaiting a new home!

This competition is for fun and fun only!

The aim of the competition is to promote the breed and generate as much interest as we can in the Lancashire Heeler. Hopefully that will mean that more people will be asking about the breed, visiting shows etc. so please tell as many people as you can.

Entries closed - sorry!

Winners to be announced Saturday 15th January 2011.

Our virtual show is currently being judged by celebrated Adderbury judge Trisha Bellinger (Heelstone).

All eligible entries for the draw (325!) have been placed on a spreadsheet and 'shuffled' On 15th January a random number will be generated from the entries to choose a winner for The First Red Book.

Thank-you for all of your entries. The photographs have given me (and many others!) a great deal of pleasure over the holidays as many of you on Facebook already know!


You may send as many entries in as you like for as many classes as you like BUT Your name / email address will be entered in the draw ONCE for EACH class you enter.

A name will be picked at random for the prize of The First Lancashire Heeler Book for which postage will be paid whether it is won in the UK or internationally.

Trisha Bellinger (Heeletone) will be our Judge and will have the daunting task of picking a winning entry from each class and to pick a 'Best in Show' which will be awarded the Lancashire Heeler 'Puppy'

ENTRIES CLOSE Friday 7th January 2011
RESULTS ANNOUNCED Saturday 15th January 2011

Please Note - Judging decisions are final. No correspondence regarding results will be entered into - Kennel Club rules do not apply!!

This is just for fun. Enjoy!




Free Competition

Entries closed - sorry!


Lancashire Heeler Book Free a thank-you to the contributors and supporters of this site I am giving away a copy of The First Book of TheDOn't forget to enter the competion to win a Lancashire Heeler toy puppy Lancashire Heeler by Kathie Kidd. This is a rare and coveted item amongst Lancashire Heeler enthusiasts....