Poppy, jumping for joy at being free to run on Orewa Beach

Day 3 First Pacific Paddle

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Thursday 3rd March

Hello mum! Poppy comes running back.  Orewa BeachIt has been a very busy first couple of days.  The cat is still hiding in the garden underneath the top deck, having picnics outside instead of coming in for his food!

Poppy is fine with Buffy, who is so laid back that she only gets up to eat and have walks!  Buffy is an elderly lady with arthritis but she loves morning walks on the beach always goes straight to the water.  Poppy, 11 years old, has always hated water to the extent that she will walk around a damp patch in her path;  except, it seems, in the Pacific Ocean!

At this point I am unsure as to whether I have the right dog. Poppy is exhibiting some strange behaviours:
She is not barking at any strange noises in the garden!
She is being friendly towards strangers, even on first meeting!
She is being extremely obedient when given commands, even new ones.  For instance, when we brought the cat in for the first time she naturally tried to approach, when told to leave she came away immediately.
And... she seems to enjoy the warm Pacific Ocean much more than the much colder waters of Weston-super-Mare!

Here are a few pictures of Poppy's first excursion to Orewa beach.  
Familiarisation with Charlie, the cat continues.  Fingers crossed...



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