Is the Lancashire Heeler allergy friendly?

Contrary to popular myth most people with animal related allergies aren't allergic to pet hair but rather the pet dander - the skin that an animal sheds or the animal saliva.  This myth makes easy to dismiss a Lancashire Heeler as it is certainly not an any list of hypoallergenic dog breeds, if indeed there is such an animal!. It has also led to an increase in 'designer' mix sales at extortionate prices under an illusion that non shedding means allergy free!

Pet allergies take may forms, for example, chronic rhinitis (the typical hay fever like reaction) and allergy related asthma. These allergies for an individual may also be in respect of some breeds and not others.  If canine allergens are a concern and you are thinking of bringing a Lancashire Heeler or any other breed into your household invite one to visit and stay a while.  At least that way you can be sure.

 If you already have a dog try grooming the him regularly outside and bathing the dog monthly in warm water to minimise the shedding indoors as well as excluding the dog from human sleeping areas to minimise the impact.  A good vacuum with hypoallergenic filters also makes a big difference.

on 26 November 2018