Do Lancashire Heelers need a lot of grooming?

Lancashire Heelers are known as a 'get up and go' breed as far as grooming is concerned and really don't need much grooming at all. Regular walks on hard surfaces generally keep the nails in shape, although if they are prone to growing faster they should clearly be trimmed, as with any other dog breed.

A bath every couple of months is probably as much as is needed although if he decides to jump in a muddy puddle, or worse you may wish to wash him more regularly!

Brushing once a week is ample to save on the vacuuming and maintain a good shiny coat.  When moulting a daily brush is advisable and will keep your Lancashire Heeler more comfortable.

No complex clipping, no curling, no matting.  Lancashire Heelers just get up and go!

on 26 November 2018