Do Lancashire Heelers need a lot of exercise?

The amount of exercise a Lancashire Heeler needs very much depends on the age of the dog.  An adult Lancashire Heeler needs, on average, an hour to an hour and a half walking per day.  Clearly if the dog is getting unrestricted run, chasing a ball etc this provides a more intense workout so will need less walking - no different to us mere humans, if you're working out for an hour in the gym you don't need that cross country hike!  Heelers are versatile and adapt to your lifestyle.  I know many Heelers who love to go hiking with their owners for an hour or even 2 and then will come back and start tearing around the garden.  Equally, others are happy with 2 or 3 shorter walks per day.  If your Lancashire Heeler is overweight, getting up to mischief or tearing around at home it may be that insufficient exercise is a factor. 

Elderly dogs, especially those with arthritis will require less walking, however, it is important to walk your Lancashire Heeler sufficiently to maintain mobility and mental stimulation.  They love their walks.  Equally, puppies should not be over exercised in their first 6 months so as not to put unreasonable stress on their joints.  Learning to rest should be as much a part of their training as exercise and play.
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on 26 November 2018