Can a Lancashire Heeler really herd cattle?

Traqdean De Dotty Goes Dutch.  Dotty shows how it's done.

Picture Courtesy Astrid Van Zijl

Lancashire Heelers not only CAN herd cattle, they are extremely good at it and the Lancashire Heeler breed characteristics have evolved perfectly for it.  The muscular and compact build, being extremely fit and agile, enables the dog to nip heels and duck in and out of the cattle showing and cajoling the entire herd as he goes.  These physical qualities combined with the high intelligence and biddability of the breed made the Lancashire Heeler an obvious choice for driving cattle to market in the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Few Heelers actually perform the herding task in earnest today, although some have been trained to do so as can be seen in photos on this site.  Others have herded sheep and even chickens!

on 26 November 2018