Are Lancashire Heelers suitable as a pet?

Lancashire Heelers are normally very outgoing and are friendly to people, but very occasionally if not socialised correctly some may show signs of nervousness.  As in all breeds they benefit greatly from early socialisation with people and dogs.
Training classes (obedience and/or ringcraft) are a great way for your Lancashire Heeler to be socialised and to learn basic manners.
Lancashire Heelers are ideal dogs for active people of any age who are able to give them the attention they require.  Country life or town life with open spaces nearby would be equally suitable, because they benefit from free running in safe areas such as parks and open countryside. 
A dog proof garden is important, if they are left unsupervised, as they are very good escapologists and can get out of the smallest hole and climb or jump over a low fence!

on 25 November 2018