Hannie Warendorf Gallery

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Hannie Warendorf Lancashire Heelers Gallery


  • Danish Ch. Foxthyme Herbie goes Dutch
    Danish Ch. Foxthyme Herbie Goes Dutch demonstrates the retrieve over the highjump in obedience training. Picture by Ineke van Beekum.
  • Danish Ch. Foxthyme Herbie goes Dutch
    Herbie is a very patient model
  • Danish Ch. Foxthyme Herbie goes Dutch
    Herbie loves the snow, as soon as his feet touch the snow he starts to gallop full speed!
  • Action takes many forms in a Heeler
  • Grote Reu
    Dutch bred puppy dog
  • Grote Reu
    I can dance!!
  • Herbie and Ruusa
    Herbie with his daughter Finnish and Norwegian CH Rantalaukan Harmonia who lives in Finland. Photo was taken in Hamar, Norway, both a long way from home!!
  • Water takes on a 3rd dimension
  • Lucie hoofd
    Lucie, one of the unregistered Heelers imported in Holland
  • Mousse
    Foxthyme Chocolate Mousse, Herbie's mother
  • Mousse
    Mousse full speed in the water!
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Hannie Warendorf Gallery

Hannie Warendorf lives in The Hague in the Netherlands.

As well as breeding showing and judging Curly Coated Retrievers Hannie has the 'Lancashire Heeler bug'.

Photography is yet another passion as these superb pictures demonstrate.

Herbie was the first Lancashire Heeler in the Netherlands with an official Obedience 1 Diploma (Kennel Club).

Read more about Hannie and her dogs on her site