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Lancashire Heeler, Foxthyme Paris' gallery

Claire Appleton has an ideal home for her Lancashire Heeler 'Paris' to practise her herding skills.....

  • Paris, 12 weeks
    Owner Claire Appleton
  • Paris, 24 weeks
    Owner Claire Appleton
  • Paris, 29weeks
    Owner Claire Appleton
  • Paris, 9 months with Izzy, 9 weeks
    Owner Claire Appleton
  • Paris, 10 months
    Owner Claire Appleton
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Here are some photos of Lancashire Heeler Foxthyme Paris, we just call her Paris. I have had Paris since 7th Feb 2006. I bought her from Enid Lord after much research. When I bought her she was 12 weeks old. She has a wonderful temperament and is very devoted. I have taken her to puppy classes and she passed that in 5 weeks and now we are going to obedience classes in which she is doing very well. She loves to say hello to all the dogs and their owners and enjoys hunting for rabbits and rats. She follows me around all day and is very good company.

We live on a farm and have over 300 cattle and 2 sheep and theLancashire Heeler instinct to herd them up is very clear.

Claire Appleton

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